The Only 10 Elements Of Marketing You Need To Worry About

The Only 10 Elements Of Marketing You Need To Worry About

When you’re trying to come up with the perfect marketing strategy, it’s only natural that you’re going to feel overwhelmed. Whether you’re new to the world of business and entrepreneurship or not, you may feel as if you’ve got so much to do and you have no idea where to start. This is incredible normal. With so many different social media platforms and marketing tactics to consider, you probably feel as if you need to build a presence on all of them – and really engage your audience in a lot of places. But this isn’t the way to go about things. Instead, you need to take a step back and start small. You need to think about starting with one element, then slowly building up from there. However, the problem may be, where should you start?

Well, this is what you’re going to decide by the end of this post. Based on your company, your industry, your audience, and your business goals, you should be able to work out which option is going to work best for you. By doing a little research, you will also be able to uncover where you should start and which you should move onto. Because that’s the trick. It’s always best to master one marketing tactic and then move on to the next. So let’s take a look at ten that you can choose from.

  1. Branding

So first of all, you should really think about your branding. This is often thought of in its own entity. And while that can be true, it’s definitely a huge part of your marketing overall. If you don’t have a brand in place, it will often mean that any activity you do is just completely off. And this is not going to be ideal. Instead, you need to be thinking about creating a consistent brand that you can put out in to the world. From packaging design with SmashBrand to brand building overall with a specialist design. Make sure that you know what your company ascetics are, so that you can stay consistent in your marketing.

  1. Community Engagement

From here, you’ve then got the idea of engagement. Now, no matter which element of marketing you aim to choose and master from the beginning, you need to be working on engagement at all times. When you can truly connect with your target audience, you will find that the results you get are so much more effective overall.

  1. Content Marketing

Now, onto the more specific tacts, we have content marketing. While this can cover off a full range of content, including what you post out on social media, we’re going to talk about this in a blogging sense. With a blog, you’re generate a ton of content that you can then share on your social platforms. It can also be incredible beneficial for your website and SEO too.

  1. SEO

While we’re on the topic, perhaps you really want to be able to nail your SEO from the off? If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website, this is largely important. You will want to make sure that you can really look to bring in keywords into your content from the beginning. Research can help with this. But you may also want to start link building as early as you can too, to get better results in the SERPS.

  1. Facebook

Now onto social media. And when it comes to your social, you will want to really make sure that you just focus on one platform from the beginning. If you really want to generate a following and build a community of people around your company, Facebook can help you with that. Take a look at these tips from Post Planner on how to grow your fanbase to get you started.

  1. Instagram

Or maybe you’d rather get started on Instagram. If your brand is very visual and you want to promote in a visual sense, then definitely go for it with Instagram. However, you will also want to make sure that you’re able to really tell a story with your content and engage with an audience that you know is already present on the platform.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform to be on when you want to drive traffic to your website. Essentially, it’s a visual search engine. People use it to find ideas and inspiration. So the content that you’re sharing on Pinterest should be relevant to what they are searching for and visually appealing. You may wish to start out with this social media platform if you have useful home, money, organization, or business hacks that Pinners will love.

  1. Advertising

For some people, advertising will be perfect. And there are a range of ways that you can look to do this. From display marketing and generating links back to your site with banner adverts, to paid search marketing and even paid promotions on social media, you have a range of options. This could be something that you look to move onto, when you’re generating interest organically.

  1. Email Marketing

One thing that can prove incredible effective for your company, right off the bat, is email marketing. Start this as early as you can. Why? Well, because you own your email data. It’s entirely yours. But you don’t own the other platforms you market on. Marketing to your database as early as possible is a great way to start building a relationship with them.

  1. PR

Or maybe you’d rather get to work on some PR? Now, this isn’t usually going to be the point that people start with. In today’s digitally driven world, it’s often a social platform. But PR can be hugely supportive. Take a look at these PR tips on HubSpot to get you started. When you’re objective is to raise awareness or project a brand image, PR can be invaluable to you. So this could be something that you then use as a secondary message to support the work you’re doing on social media.

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