2 Social Media Hacks To Help You Get Your Next Job

2 Social Media Hacks To Help You Get Your Next Job

Looking for a job is one of the most stressful things in life. There’s nothing worse than applying for jobs over and over, then getting excited when you see an email only for it to confirm that you’ve not got the job.

Your jobseeking days can be made a lot easier, or worse, thanks to social media . The social channels you operate can play a huge part in whether or not you get a job, the influence this medium has is quite staggering. Bearing that in mind, this article will talk about certain ways you can use social media, and things you can do on social media, to stand a better chance of getting your next job.

Showcase Your Skills On Social Media

Social networking sites are fantastic for showing off your skills to, potentially, millions of people. You can do this in a variety of ways. The easiest and most formal way of doing so is simply by writing about your skills in your bio. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are perfect for this as they allow you to create an in-depth bio and add your skills. It’s a good idea to list some of the most desirable skills here in case a company comes snooping you out when you apply for their job. One of the most desirable job skills to have is a talent for spreadsheets and Excel. So, find somewhere like Training Connection where you can book a training course, then you can list Excel as a skill on your LinkedIn profile. Think about other key skills like word processing too, then focus on more targeted skills for the job you’re applying for.

The second way you can use social media to showcase your skills is by uploading pictures or videos showing off your talents. This is particularly useful for anyone applying for a job in the creative industry as you can really show off what you’re capable of.

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Stalk Companies On Social Media

Before applying for your next job and writing out an application, it pays to give that company a stalk on social media. By looking at all their different channels, this gives you an idea of what the company is about. You see the way they react and can tell if they’re extremely professional or a bit relaxed. By knowing this, you can alter your application to suit them better. If they’re very uptight and strictly professional on social media, then you know your application needs to be very formal. Also, this is a must if you have an interview coming up to understand the best way to approach it and how to communicate in your interview. It will give you a glimpse of the company culture and help you fit into it.

A lot of people are wary about using social media when applying for jobs. They’re led to believe that what you do on social media can cause people to avoid hiring you. But, if you approach it in a different way and are careful with what you post, then you can use it to your advantage and get that new job.


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