2019 social media trends you should know about

2019 social media trends you should know about
2019 social media trends you should know about

With another hectic year of online marketing almost behind us, it will pay – and reward – to anticipate the trends about to meet us just around the corner. 2019 is set to be another year of constant change, growth, and – occasionally – fun when it comes to social media.

Here are a few things you should look out for, in order for your social media strategy to start delivering on December 1.


The acronym might sound like some new form of mixed martial arts, but User Generated Content could be massive for business growth in 2019. According to Medium, 65% of customers agree that UGC is more interesting than brand-created content. But what is it exactly?

Stimulated primarily by businesses, UGC is a great way of interacting with your audience and letting them continue telling the story of your product or service. Using hashtags, selfies and videos, and keeping in contact with your customers as they create their own content, will enable electronic word-of-mouth to continue carrying your message across all channels.

Identify influencers

Similarly, if you reach out to YouTubers and Instagram personalities who can help to sell your business to their audience, you’ll reach new customers without having to make direct sales. Some social media sensations have many thousands of subscribers and are already skilled in convincing their fans to buy and buy into brands.

Depending on the needs of your business, you can still make use of relevant bloggers as well. They engage with their audience in a different, more nuanced way that is still relevant to many businesses. Your audience will already be following certain social media personalities, and this form of engagement will continue to grow in 2019.

Live streaming

Direct, real-time engagement with your audience could be key in 2019. A live stream from your business adds immediate confidence and personality to your brand, putting faces and characters to your product or service.

You’ll have noticed the trend of video already in this blog. Indeed, as Forbes has identified, producing video content is a great way to create trust between you and your customers.

A new generation of consumers is now starting to come into the workforce, and they are already accustomed to engaging with brands through video. Consider how you can integrate it into your strategy, get creative, and enjoy it.

If video is really not for your business, consider instead adding a live messenger or chatbot service to ensure direct contact between you and your customers.

Use your data

Whichever social media platforms you use, your data will be as relevant as ever next year. Particularly if you are delivering video to your audience for the first time, you’ll want to watch how that content performs and then use the results to shape future content.

Your social media impact will also be vastly improved if you make use of digital marketing services to help turn your data and strategy into tangible results in 2019. Perform a quick audit of your brand and your audience, consider how and when you want to reach them, and make contact with an expert who will help you to deliver your goals.

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