3 Marketing Strategies To Weed Out Of A Plant Business

3 Marketing Strategies To Weed Out Of A Plant Business

As Canada is discussing the potential legalization of cannabis in the country, the USA has already made some progress as 9 states and Washington DC have officially legalized its recreational use. Presumably, the policy is designed to reduce the health risks from illegally sourced marijuana. Its medical use with an official prescription by a certified doctor is legal in another 29 states, meaning that you can come across individual smoking the once forbidden herb in 38 or the 50 U.S. states. In other words, regardless of where your business stands in the debate for recreational or medical use, it becomes indispensable to consider effective marketing campaigns. Indeed, the plant growing and selling industry is not only profitable, but it is also officially legal in three-quarter of the U.S. Consequently, marketers need to evaluate the best strategy for their business, and, more importantly, eliminate all risks of misinformation or confusion.

Controlled consumption and MLM

As surprising as it might sound, in states where medical cannabis is authorized, MLM structures are expanding at high speed. Under the premises of encouraging sales from a trusted dispensary, multi-layer marketing businesses are trying to reach out to new patients, using the best of marketing tools. Ultimately, if you’re looking to set an MLM opportunity, you need to get your offline marketing material ready, from public events appearances to flyers. When using online marketing methods, you need to specify the locations and conditions in which the sale is legal. However, there is an inherent risk in going MLM about cannabis, and it lies with profit-hungry sellers. This marketing strategy needs to inform about the product availability and not encourage consumption without medical prescriptions.

Educational marketing for approved companies

Outside of an MLM setup, any company that acts as an official seller needs to understand the specificities of marijuana marketing. Indeed, since its legalization in some states, cannabis can be managed like any other medical item. Consequently, when you start your small selling business online, you can establish your presence by following the typical social media and SEO strategies. In the case of cannabis, you will gain in working with a reputable online influencer who can help to destigmatize the plant. You need to be aware of the widespread perception of marijuana to navigate effectively between negative critics. Indeed, if your content isn’t educational, your business has no chance of success. Avoid hinting at a recreational habit even for the sake of differentiating your product.

Strip out persona clichés

Marijuana and recreational use might be legal in some U.S. states, but it remains a crime in 41 states. Similarly, in the plant growing industry, there are other plants that are legal to grow but illegal to consume. When you build a business about plant growth, you need to identify the best-suited audience group. This starts by rejecting demographics that are looking for a recreational use. You need to understand your clients’ personas, whether they are looking for an elegant houseplant or a pain reliever so that you can design targeted content pieces.

In conclusion, in a controversial yet legal business such as plant growing and selling, you need to ensure that your marketing strategy doesn’t attract the wrong audience or accidentally encourage illegal consumption.


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