5 Smart Ways To Use Social Media To Boost Your Business

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It’s no secret that social media websites are an effective way to market your business. That’s why you’ll find many thousands of business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like. However, one common mistake made by companies is believing that simply having a presence on these sites is enough. It’s not. Setting up a company Facebook page is just the first step of many. For your company to benefit from it, you need to act smart.

You can hope to get business from all ages, incomes, and backgrounds, but in reality….this won’t happen. You’ll have a target demographic, or at least you will if you’ve conducted your market research, and you should be incorporating that information into your social media campaign. You can (perhaps should) be on all social media accounts, but it’ll be more effective if you put the most energy into the sites where your target audience hang out. People who casually use Twitter are different from those avid Facebook users, for example, and you’ll need to tailor your content for each.

Broaden The Content You Post

It’s easy to fall into a habit of posting the same type of content over and over again, but if you do this, your social media campaigns will quickly lose momentum. And the followers you do have will most likely get bored of your account just as fast. To keep things lively and boost audience interaction, mix up the content that you’re posting. One day it can be a video, the next it can be a blog post, the next it can be sharing interesting content from another page that you follow. You want your pages to be interesting to your users, not just about your company.

Monitor Your Social Media Campaigns

How can you expect to develop your social media presence if you’re not monitoring how your past campaigns performed? You won’t get things right the first time; that’s why you need to track and analyze which of your content works, and which doesn’t. Over time you’ll have a clearer image of the type of content that your audience likes to connect with, the type of headlines that promote click-throughs, and so on.

Integrate with App

If your business has an app (and it should), then look at integrating social media channels within it. It can be tricky, so hire an expert to integrate the channels and use software testing tools from QASymphony.com to make sure everything works as it should. Once integrated, you’ll receive many benefits, such as making it easier (and more likely) for your users to sign in, gaining access to their interests and other information and making it possible for the users to share your content.

Connect With Others

If you’re operating in a specialized or niche industry, then look at connecting with influential industry leaders. If you build these relationships, then you’ll be gain visibility and access to their followers. Sharing their content, and providing your own for them to use on their Facebook channels, can be a good way to start this.


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