5 Steps to Enhancing Customer Experience with Social Media

5 Steps to Enhancing Customer Experience with Social Media
5 Steps to Enhancing Customer Experience with Social Media

Social media marketing isn’t just about winning followers. It is a key player in your marketing efforts. Did you know that Social media is the go to place now for customer service, above emails and telephone calls? With this in mind you really need to step up your social media presence to promote the best possible customer experience.

More and more businesses are taking to social media to engage with their customers, so you need to stand out from the crowd when it comes to this way of marketing. Improve your customer contact by including social media in your marketing strategy, including these five areas of advice.

Use Social Media to engage with your customers

The great thing about social media is that customers and businesses can have real time conversations. Opinions can be aired, complaints and compliments made and solutions and advice be offered quickly.

To do this you need to be able to answer your customers quickly and confidently, meaning someone with knowledge has to always be ready. Being able to respond instantly is a massive benefit to businesses. Not only does it enhance the customer experience but it gains trust and confidence too.

If your business is not in a position to reply all day every day, then list the parameters on your social media profile. Give hours when questions can be answered and you are less likely to annoy or offend customers for not replying straight away.  It is also important to choose the right platform based on which social media network your base customers use. Concentrating on one form of social media may make it easier to manage and reply.

Use a marketing solutions company

There are lots of marketing companies out there who will improve your social media marketing for a fee. Not everyone can afford such luxuries but it may be worth considering for the short term or to boost your customer experience quickly.

If you need some speedy help for creating; say traffic to your physiotherapy website; then you could use a marketing site such as Patient Sites in order to create your social media campaign to drive traffic to your website, answer questions or provide feedback.

Or perhaps you want someone to manage your social media for a while in order to improve your following and increase your leads from social media. You could buy packages for short term or long-term management from companies such as Giraffe or Fat Media. Whichever option is right for your niche, having a expert helping hand may be just what you need.

Enhance customer experience and promote loyalty

There are many ways to boost customer retention using social media. These include using contests, trending hashtags and promoting your customers content which engages with your brand. Asking customers to share to win, or like to enter can be great but also a little impersonal too.

For example, if you share a positive photo your customer has posted about your brand, your customers will be more engaging than if the photo shred was generic. Thanking them for their feedback and for taking the time to share personally will go down well.

Show your customers you care about them by offering special offers and exclusives to existing customers. They will tell their friends share your new offers and in turn expand your customer base.  The best shares on social media you can get are genuine ones compared to paid promotions.

Forget trying to sell or pressure sales on social media, make it customer focussed

You aren’t going to want to follow a brand if you are constantly asked or pressured to buy. Individuals use social media for help and support more than they do to make purchases. People want to be updated with the latest trends and deals but without feeling compelled to purchase.

Of course, as explained above you want to gain and retain customers however use social media to make your customers feel closer to your brand. Although you don’t want to directly sell, by sharing offers and deals you are giving your followers advance notice of what is on offer.

Links can be directed to your selling sites but this should not be the main objective and sufficient information must be included in your social media profiles which supports your businesses branding.  Website promotion and link clicks should not come above customer contact.

Get Feedback And Show Your Actions

Social media is a great way to gain feedback from your customers and it is really easy for them to do too. You could rely on reviews and ratings on your page or you could set up a poll and ask certain questions you would like your customers to answer.

The important thing to remember is that you need to follow this up. Give results of your poll and explain what you will do with the results. Respond to feedback and work out solutions or offer thanks if necessary.

Showing your business accepts and works on feedback will make customers much more likely to trust your brand and use you again. Being humble, accepting mistakes and responsibility, but also making challenges show a strong and trustworthy business. It also gives that personal touch and will set you above your competitors.

How Do You Engage With Your Customers On Social Media Platforms?

Do you have your social media strategy down to a tee or are you still working out the details? If Social media strategies are up there with SEO strategies when it comes to your business and more and more customers are taking to these platforms to contact and learn more. Hopefully these 5 simple steps have given you the advice and encouragement to make positive changes to your marketing on these platforms.

As with all marketing trends, things come and go but customers are always the focal point. Ultimately engaging with customers in the right way will help you to improve trust and confidence in your brand and expand your online presence.


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