5 Tips Accountants Can Take Advantage of to Promote Their Services on Facebook

5 Tips Accountants Can Take Advantage of to Promote Their Services on Facebook
5 Tips Accountants Can Take Advantage of to Promote Their Services on Facebook

If you’ve acquired your bachelors of accounting (online accounting degree) via Maryville University , and now you’re looking to market your services as an individual, it’s crucial you take advantage of the popular social media platforms to market your brand. However, marketing isn’t easy, especially as an accountant, but there are many tips to consider to ensure your marketing efforts are a success. A few of those tips are outlined below.

Build Your Audience Before Advertising Your Services

If you only have a small audience on social media, the last thing they want is a regular bombardment of your advertising campaigns. Audiences on social media want to socialize, so give them a way for them to do that. Once you have a big enough audience, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start advertising regularly but, until then, concentrate on building your audience using several marketing methods .

Create a Blog & Produce High-Quality, Informative Content

Content marketing plays a big role in building an audience using Facebook, so it’s vital you have a blog and you spend time every week updating it with new, informative, high-quality content. It will provide you with access to content to share to your audiences on social media, but it’s also the way forward to create an excellent search engine presence that could give you the clientele you’ve always been after.

Engage with Your Audience Regularly

It’s important you engage with your audience regularly, otherwise, they’re going to assume they’re following a page that’s ran by robots. Whether you produce your own content and share it on social media or you share other content, it’s wise to engage with your audience regularly so they know you’re human, and not just like the other big firms out there.

Reward Your Audience by Offering Free Services

The best way of promoting a Facebook page is to offer free products and/or services – everyone loves a freebie. The product/service doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to be free. As an accountant, you could create webinars to offer advice to smaller businesses once a week – it’ll help you instantly build relationships that you can take forward.

The Facebook Advertising Platform Could Reward Your Efforts Handsomely

Although the Facebook advertising platform is another expense you could do without, it’s still a service worth considering if you’re looking to build your audience quickly. By using the advertising platform, you will be better able to target an audience that is in dire need of the accountancy services you offer. The excellent benefit of using the platform: you can set your own budgets and only target a few hundred people on a daily basis, thus keeping costs down. The advertising platform offers a very effective way for new social media pages to grow rapidly.

Promoting services on Facebook is a strenuous, and often picky, task that can easily fail. However, by taking advantage of the above tips, you’ll be better able to advertise your brand in the most effective and cost-effective way possible.


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