How To Blog Your Way To Abundance

How To Blog Your Way To Abundance
How To Blog Your Way To Abundance

Being a blogger is now a viable career. Play your cards right and you could be earning a decent income from your blog in no time. Businesses are also buying into the blogging market and realizing the importance of having a blog on their website. Digital marketing is more important than ever, and it can help make a business a success. Whether it’s a personal blog or a business blog, we can turn it a money making opportunity. We can blog our way to abundance.

Build Your Audience

We can’t expect our blog to be paying the bills from day one. We need to work hard at it. We need to cultivate our audience. This takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication. We will need to show our audience that they can trust us. We need to make them like us. This means that we need to take the time crafting quality content and taking good photos to go with our words. We then need to ensure that we are interacting with our audience. We need to make sure that we reply to comments on our blog, that we talk to people on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s about building that engagement and developing that sense of trust.

We Blog, Therefore We Are

If the only reason for starting a blog is to bring some money in, pack-up and go home. Everyone will be able to tell straight away that our heart isn’t in it and that we are being insincere. The same can be said for a business blog. Yes, the ultimate goal might be to drive-up sales, but that should not be the main reason for us blogging. We should be starting a business blog because we want to reach out to our customers, we want to show them why we are so passionate about our company and its products. We should blog because we love to blog. That means that we should be happily creating great content because that’s what we love to do. The money should just be an added bonus.

Get Our Blog Out There

We need to get out blog out there and that means we need to be an expert when it comes to everything SEO (search engine optimization). We need to know about using the right LSI keywords for SEO because this will help us leap up the Google rankings. Using the right LSI keywords will help our blog explode in all the right ways!

Find Your Niche

If we are writing a blog for our business then this is easy because our business is our niche. However, if we are starting a personal blog then this can be a bit trickier. The temptation can be to write about everything and anything. We shouldn’t do that. If we can find a niche then we are more likely to be successful and make money. Having a niche blog will make us an expert in that area. People will come to our blog to read our advice or information. They will see our blog as a valuable resource, and that means money for us.


You should choose what social media platforms you want to be on. You won’t be able to be on all of them. You should choose three social media platforms and make sure that you are all over them. If you decide to use Instagram then you need to be aware that this is a very visual platform. People will be judging you on your photos. If it is a business Instagram account then you will need to make sure that your photos reflect your business and brand. If it is your personal blog Instagram then you will still need to make sure that your photos reflect your blog. Some people have a theme for Instagram. You will want to try to cultivate a look in your Instagram feed that clearly reflects your blog. You want everyone to see your photo and instantly know that it is you. However, this won’t happen overnight and it may take you some time to create a feed that you are happy with. You might want to use the same filter for all of your photos, or perhaps have the same theme of colors. It’s completely up to you. VSCO Is a great photo editing app for Instagram

Keep Going

Finally, a blog is never going to start making you money overnight. It is not a quick rich scheme. It takes hard work and determination. Those that have made money from their blogs are the ones who didn’t give-up on their dream. Get blogging.


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