Blogging Is Worth The Blood, Sweat, Tears & Money

Blogging Is Worth The Blood, Sweat, Tears & Money
Blogging Is Worth The Blood, Sweat, Tears & Money

Too many people still think that blogging is something fifteen-year-olds suffering from a Messiah complex do in a bid to think the world really cares about them. But a blog is so much more than that. For a business, a blog can be the very thing that sees them grow so fast and furiously the curvature of the earth becomes visible, as these 13 facts about business blogging will prove.

Unfortunately, though, blogging is hard.

If you do it yourself, there will be a time when you wonder whether it is worth the effort, and if you outsource your blog there will come a time when you wonder if it is worth the cost. In both cases, it is worth it. So long as you follow these rules, you will find yourself winning more and more business. That is a promise.

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This Is Not About You…

It is about your readers, which is exactly why you need to stop being so salesy. Yes, the point of your blog is to increase your web traffic , get more customers and raise your profile, but if that is all you are trying to do then you will find no one wants to read what you are writing. All that effort and no one there to listen. That’s because people only want to read something that is going to be of value to them, answer their questions, inform them of something new and mentor them in some way. Period. That means writing for a specific audience and writing about the very thing they are dreaming of. Stop trying to sell and start trying to educate.

They Are Not Corporate Machines…

Yes, this is a business blog, but no one is going to engage with a robotic voice. They want to engage with your writing and that means having a, you know, a bit more of a conversational tone . The simplest way of doing this is to ask questions that make the reader feel directly addressed. It is to litter your content with humor. It means editing what you write so that it feels like a conversation because that is exactly what people want. Use words people use, not the corporate-language that people hate. Don’t write in a passive tone. And don’t write in large blocks of text. This is your chance to engage your audience in conversation, not have a robotic voice turn them off.

Always, Always Be Original….

There are a plethora of reasons as to why this important, and all of them you need to understand. First off, Google absolutely hates people that copy content and sticks it on their site, so don’t do this. Even if it is an accident, make sure you use a plagiarism checker before you click publish.

Originality rules the roost when it comes to Google. The next reason on a very long list is because no one wants to read the same article for the fiftieth time; they want to read something fresh, something that approaches a common topic from a new point of view, something that applies a new spin, whether that be humor or whatever. So, do yourself a favor in every way possible, and make sure you are always uploading truly original content.

Start As You Mean To Go On…

You need to grab people from the get-go. You need to come up with a title so incredibly delightful, creative and intriguing they can’t possibly scroll past. It will plague them forever and they will spend the rest of the day wishing they had saved it to their bookmarks. In order to achieve this with your headlines and titles , you need use sensory and emotional words, numbers or highlight a specific benefit of clicking your title. That is phase one.

Phase two is creating an opening paragraph that is disarming. In a world where people don’t have the patience or time to read everything, each and every piece of content is doing battle with one another, the victor enjoying the spoils that are the reader’s attention. A great way to achieve this right off the bat is to empathize with your reader and let them know they aren’t the only one struggling with a certain issue. Another way you can do this is to promise you will make their life better somehow. And lastly, reassure them. Reassure them that your blog is full of easy tips that require little to no effort on their behalf.

Do these things and you’ll find your readers really start to engage with your blog and the increase in web traffic you wanted will follow suit.


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