Branding and how it works in the social media age


The way that brands interact with consumers is changing, this much is nothing new.  Consumers are looking for more from brands online, and are paying it forward with new social currencies such as retweeting, liking and sharing brand content with their increasingly large networks.

The infographic below explores ‘Branding And How It Works In The Social Media Age’, and provides stats around 1) Which social networks people use, 2) how they interact, 3) brand sentiment, 4) what types of content do they like to get from their favourite brands, 5) and finally, how they like to receive it.

One of the key take outs is that from those polled, customers prefer to get their brand updates via Facebook and Twitter rather than traditional methods. 32% said they prefer getting updates from brands via short updates on Facebook and Twitter while only 27% percent preferred emails and 22 percent preferred traditional offline ads.

Check out the full infographic below to find out more and let us know what you think.


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