Building Your Personal Brand as a Network Marketer: A Simple Guide

Building Your Personal Brand as a Network Marketer: A Simple Guide

For outgoing people with great communication skills, network marketing can be one of the most rewarding career choices. You will meet new customers and potential buyers every day, and can put your personal touch to your presentation. Whether you are selling diet pills, health products, or business software, you will need to focus on your personal brand as much as you do on the company you are representing as a network marketer. You will be able to maximize your customer value, earn more with less work, and even get a promotion faster. Below you will find a guide to branding yourself when representing a network marketing brand.

Stand Out from the Crowd

You don’t want to be perceived as just another network marketer, and this means you need to learn to stand out from the crowd. From making sure that people will connect your face with the products you have to offer to looking your best when presenting your offers and being yourself, there are several ways you can become “the agent” instead of just one of the people trying to sell the same product or packages. Build your personal brand as carefully as your company built their own reputation.

Fight Misconceptions

One of the reasons why people decide not to buy from network marketers is that they are used to pushy salespeople and poor service. You will need to fight the misconceptions of your target market, and make sure that you prove them wrong. You can give your clients and leads a bit of space before they make up their mind, and limit your communication to friendly reminders, instead of making a phone call late at night, trying to close a deal. Tell them about how you will contact them, and make sure that you call at a suitable time.

Personal Touch: Birthdays and Holidays

Every network marketer knows that personal relationships matter more than being able to collect loads of leads. You might only have a dozen customers, but if they are happy to buy from you again every month, you might be earning more than other people in your network who have plenty of connections and loads of one-off customers. You will want to maximize customer value by remembering their birthdays, making notes of important events in their lives, and sending them postcards online or through the mail.

Remember Individual Preferences


It is also important that you will remember what your customers like and dislike. If you are a skincare brand consultant, you might want to take notes of the skin types and  problems of your customers, so you don’t offer them products that are not suitable. You can also request a feedback on every product, so you can tailor your offerings to your clients’ needs. There is nothing worse than getting things wrong and forgetting that your customer cannot use a product because they have a skin condition.

Personalized Recommendations

When building your image as a friendly, approachable, and professional salesperson, you need to learn to know your customers. Instead of providing them with a catalog or a list of things they can order, base your recommendations on their personal preferences and their problems they told you about. Whether you are selling corporate software or diet pills, you need to be knowledgeable enough to provide professional recommendations and assess your customers’ needs.

Make them Remember You

The key to making that second and third sale is making people remember you. Network marketers often give their clients a diary that indicates when they would need to reorder the product, or get a checkup. These extras often matter more than the product or service itself. You can keep the memory alive if you send special coupon codes, discount vouchers, or even ask for feedback online or via mail. People will need to connect with you on a personal level to remember you.

Build Personal Relationships

In some cases, telling your personal story will sell your brand the best. Whether you have suffered from the same problem as your customer, or you have helped someone who was in the same situation, you can make your customers connect with you on an emotional level, so they will be more likely to buy from you than another salesperson. Create your own story to tell your customers, and see how your loyal customer base grows.


Even though you might be promoting the products of larger brands,  you will also need to let your personality shine through. Blogging is a good way of connecting with potential clients and current ones. They can find out more about how you became a fan of the company, what your values are, and connect with you to ask a question or provide feedback. Blogging can be a great way of strengthening your personal relationships and building a positive brand image, no matter what the product or service you offer is.

Take Advantage of Social Media Branding Opportunities

Building Your Personal Brand as a Network Marketer: A Simple Guide

To build your personal brand, as well as promoting your products and services as a network marketer, you will need to take advantage of the branding opportunities provided by social media networks. Those working in the beauty industry will like Instagram and Pinterest, while individuals recommending business software and solutions will find LinkedIn a great platform to connect with individuals who might be interested in the offer. Check out Yoobly to find out more about different ways of securing more sales and creating personal relationships. Building your personal and professional brand is a good way of securing a great reputation on the market, and connecting with your buyers.

Whether you are a networker who is working for an international health and beauty company, or just signed up to become a local distributor of a new software, you will need to pay attention to building your personal brand. With the different tools offered through the internet, and various customer management platforms available for marketers, your job has just gotten easier. Take advantage of your customer knowledge, tailor the offers to individual needs, and turn your prospects into repeat customers.


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