China’s Social Media Revolution


With China’s economy being the talk of many headlines of late, I thought it appropriate to share this infographic I came across recently.


It depicts reasons behind the sudden increase in Chinese Social Media networks & users. Obviously the Great Firewall of China has fuelled the need for home grown social media platforms but what has caused the rate of growth to leap frog that of it’s western predecessors?


Aside from the astonishing digital consumption figures, the two things that stand out for me are; the underlying mistrust of government-controlled media and a new internet generation of single child families. I think these are some very valid points to consider when trying to make sense of this surge in growth.


The question is will the Chinese government maintain it’s stance and let the firewall stand strong or will they pre-empt a possible Arab spring like movement from the Chinese people and breakdown the wall?


Either way it doesn’t look like the Chinese social media revolution is likely slow any time soon.


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