Clever Ways To Connect Social Profiles To Your Site

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If you’re running a business online , you do need to think about how to connect the various parts of your brand profile. They can all be useful and powerful marketing tools, but by connecting them together, you can take things to a whole other level. You’ll be able to increase your SEO, expand your reach online and with a little luck, improve the customer perception of your company. So, the question is how to do we link the social aspects of your profile back to your site?

Which Widget?

You can add a widget to your site. A widget is just a small window to a different area of the web that you can run on a page on your site. So, for instance, if you had a Twitter widget, site users would be able to see your updates there and look at any of the changes that you are making as they are announced. It can also be a great way to introduce them to your Twitter profile, if they weren’t aware you had one, possibly earning you a follow. It’s not just Twitter either. There are plenty of different widgets you can add to your site.

However, you do want to be careful about adding too many. If you do this, then your site will look cluttered and messy. It could also lead to your site loading at a slower speed and becoming a nuisance for customers who want to use it.

Linking Back

Alternatively, you can think about adding links to the social media from the content on your website. The trick is to make sure that they don’t stand out as this type of link. For instance, you might mention one of your company employees in the content for your site. You can then link their name to their professional Twitter or Facebook that will also relate to your company. If you make this subtle enough, you can actually use it to build your website ranking and have one on each page of content.

However, if links like this are too apparent, you could also lose your high ranking. That’s why you should use a web design & SEO service. That way you can ensure that any trick you use like this is not regarded as a black hat tactic that could cause problems for your site.

Going Live

You might also want to set up live feeds that can be run at the same time across social media and on your site. That way, no matter where your customers are on your profile, they’ll be able to watch and engage with whatever is happening. Live feeds are a great way to get customers to interact with your company. Particularly, if you open up commenting as a possibility. It can help them feel like part of something bigger, and this unity will ensure they remain a loyal customer of your business. These are just some of the ways that you can connect your social media to your site, thus boosting the strength of your business online. There are many more.

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