Content Marketing is driving majority of B2B marketing strategies


HiveFire, Inc., an online content marketing technology company, released the B2B Marketing Trends 2011 Survey report that demonstrate the trends shaping the way B2B marketers will develop strategies, execute programs and deliver business results. The report shows that B2B marketers are moving away from traditional marketing tactics towards content marketing. In fact, 82 percent of respondents now use content marketing in their programs, which makes it more popular than search marketing (70 percent), events (68 percent) and public relations (64 percent) and over two times more popular than print, TV or radio advertising (32 percent).

Other key findings include:
* The top two objectives of content marketing programs are to engage customers and prospects (82 percent) and drive sales (55 percent).
* Sales cycle does not impact the adoption of content marketing programs: 83 percent with a year or longer sales cycle use it; 86 percent with a one-three month sales cycle use it; and 66 percent with a one-seven day sales cycle use it.
* The time challenge associated with content curation is diminishing — it decreased four percent from the Content Curation Adoption Survey issued six months earlier, likely due to content curation tools and newly-established best practices streamlining processes.

B2B users on the Web are searching for relevant content. They’re not susceptible to static: they’re after information that can help them in business. The path to engagement and purchase depends on the ability to create content that can demonstrate innovation and leadership.

All this news fits the conclusion by Global Web Index that social media are the most influential channels for B2B decision makers.


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