Do Your Customers Care About What Hosting Package You Choose?

hosting package

The objective of building a website for your business is to secure regular visitors who will buy from you. It’s really that simple. In today’s e-marketplace you must be able to display, and sell, your goods and services online. Your reputation as a business is dominated by this ability.

The web hosting solution you choose therefore, is an important element of the web design because it will govern the client experience. Will the users care which type of hosting you use? Not if you get it right. If you choose the wrong solution, however, they still won’t care. They just won’t come back.

So what are your options?

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is ideal for a new business that is not expecting torrential levels of traffic. It works for a small website that doesn’t require storage in high volumes, however if your business grows, shared hosting will have a limited usefulness. Once traffic through the site increases, staying with this solution will gradually see an increase in loading times, and a reduction in client satisfaction.

The type of hosting works basically as you’d expect. The hosting provider stores your website data on a server that you will share with other sites. Resources and bandwidth are limited, so as activity increases on any of the sites sharing the server, responsiveness on all of them suffer.If you are intending to develop a strong web presence, Shared Web Hosting is an introductory solution only. As your online reputation starts to spread, you will need to move up the ladder.

Virtual Private Server

Similar to Shared Hosting solutions, the Virtual Private Server stores your data with other websites, however under this structure your site is allotted exclusive resources.

Storage space, and bandwidth are higher than in a shared arrangement, and there is less chance that the performance of other sites sharing the server will impact your site.

In addition, if you purchase from a provider like EuroVPS , your VPS Hosting can be Cloud-based, storing your data on multiple machines in distinct locations. This can provide some protection against random outages that might result from power interruption or hardware malfunctions.

For a growing business with reasonable website traffic, a Virtual Private Server is a good solution, however it is not ideal. While the structure of the hosting provides some protection from neighbouring sites, it is not fool proof. The performance and user experience of your site can still be impacted by levels of traffic elsewhere on the server, which can impact negatively on your reputation.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Once your business has grown a little more, even the increased resources available via Virtual Private Servers will no longer be adequate to maintain the activity of your website, and therefore protect your online reputation. When this happens the final step on the ladder is to move up to a Dedicated Server.

As you’d expect from the title, the Dedicated Server Solution allows for all your web content and transactions to be stored on your own device, completely isolated from other sites or outside influences.The memory and bandwidth available on the server are for your exclusive use, and the server become scalable, meaning if your web traffic blows up because your product goes viral, you can build up the capabilities of the server to accommodate that.

Given the increased capabilities of this type of hosting it is not surprise that it is the most expensive structure you can adopt, and is therefore generally limited to maturing businesses. There is more technical expertise required to maintain it, and ideally your business should hire an expert to manage the process. However, despite the prohibitive cost profile, a Dedicated Server provides the safest, most flexible and responsive hosting arrangement available, providing a sound return on your investment.


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