DigitalMR – Profile of a Leader in Social Media Monitoring


Founded two years ago by a market research expert, Michalis A. Michael, Digital MR is an international holistic web based market research company. A pioneer in the field of Social Media market research, Digital MR utilises various social media research tools and sophisticated technology platforms to enhance its business consulting approach. 


Private online communities are an integral element of social media research. They are a great resource for marketing departments interested in feedback to help with new product development and new communication campaigns. Private online communities can be branded and operated with the DigitalMR active web listening service. Digital MRs mission is to help businesses navigate the ever growing social media world to best understand how their brands are perceived by their customers. This understanding in turn allows organisations to best manage their online reputations as well as improve their services and operational strategies.

Social Media Research seeks to analyse and understand how social media is used in business. It is an integral part of digital market research which is what DigitalMR is all about. The most popular use is marketing and communications, but social media can also be used for customer care, operational improvements, R&D, competitive intelligence,internal and external collaboration.

Active Web Listening

In addition to using traditional online surveys and analytics to find out more about how people/customers use social media DigitalMR uses two groups of Digital Solutions: Active Web Listening and Private Online Communities. Active Web Listening is best described through the following processes: Listen,  Analyse, Understand, EngageThe company listens on the web by harvesting relevant posts for a brand or topic on an ongoing basis. They then analyse the sentiment for a brand, and its competitors and extract actionable business insights for their clients. This then results in a sentiment accuracy that is over 70% in more than 50 languages, this incorporates Net Sentiment Score, a trade-marked score which reflects how positive or negative overall sentiment is for a brand. recently interviewed Digital MR founder Michalis A Michael. In it he shares his insights on Open Business, the financial industries reaction to Social Media, monitoring tools and how he sees the evolving digital landscape and its implications in business.


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