Facebook vs Google – Infographic Comparing the Digital Titans


In this infographic, the two internet giants, Google and Facebook, have been paired up side by side. This unique infographic helps visualise the revenue and visitors of both companies.

Facebook is a social network and Google a search engine, but both companies make money from advertising, and they’re both battling for the same advertising dollars, for mindshare of the same users to view the ads, and ultimately for ownership and control of the same raw ore that makes network companies work, or not. Facebook and Google represent different epochs in technology.

Facebook is the present day, the social era. Google is the rapidly receding past, the era of the Web. In most major technology shifts, the leaders of one era do not lead the next. They may survive as valuable companies (Microsoft — leader of the PC era), but they don’t drive people to the next big thing.

With Facebook’s new IPO, both of the websites are available on the stock market. What you learn within this infographic will probably surprise you…


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