Giving Your SEO A Powerful Boost, Fast

Giving Your SEO A Powerful Boost, Fast

Giving Your SEO A Powerful Boost, Fast

SEO is something all business owners know is crucial to their success in business online. Even if you’re predominantly an offline business, having a website is crucial to your success. Because every single business should have a website, every single business should be concerned with SEO, too.

SEO is ‘search engine optimization’ – a process you need to take seriously if your site is going to be found amongst the sea of other similar sites online. You can’t take a half hearted approach with SEO if you want to get anywhere. In this post, we’re going to discuss how you can give your SEO a powerful boost, and fast:


Ensure Consistent NAPs Across The Web

NAPs stands for your name, address, and phone number. This information absolutely must be consistent across the web, whether you’re a business that operates solely online or offline. However, many would say that it’s even more important offline, as you don’t want people calling or showing up to the wrong place when they really want what you have to offer! Whether you’re looking at Facebook, your own site, or directories, you need to make sure that these things are all consistent. Double check them for typos and inconsistencies. You will be penalized if the information is not consistent, not to mention you’ll give off a bad impression to your customers.

Reassess Your Keywords

Maybe it’s time to reassess your keywords. Look at the keywords you’re targeting, and the keywords people are actually using when looking for your site/service/product. It can be tough to know which keywords to target, but in general, a more targeted, specific approach is better than a broad approach. For instance, rather than using the keyword ‘women’s dresses’ you could use the keywords ‘women’s 50s dresses’. That makes it more specific and brings in a targeted audience. If this all sounds like gobbledygook to you, you can visit places like to explain and help you to come up with a new keyword strategy. You should look at your SEO as an investment, because it’s extremely important.

Focus On Original, Helpful, High Quality Content

Creating original, helpful, high quality content is essential for your SEO. It’s also important as you want your audience to know that A) you care about them enough to share this information, and B) you are an expert in your niche who knows what they are talking about. Again, if you’re not sure how to write content like this you can outsource it.

Speed Up Your Website

The speedier your website, the less chance you have of your audience leaving due to frustration. Make sure you focus on navigation, usability, and memorability when it comes to your site, too. It should also be free from error messages and broken links.

Giving your SEO a powerful boost doesn’t mean hiring an in-house team and making lots of changes to what you’re currently doing. It could simply mean overhauling or changing one thing – this is why tracking your results closely is imperative!