Google+ updates platform with multiple user admins and more, finally welcoming brand owners.


Google is taking the covers off a raft of new features and upgrades to the platform, each that will make it a more engaging place for brands and users alike.

“Some of these were on nearly everyone’s wish list . . . and some we hope will be welcome surprises,” said Bradley Horowitz, VP of product for Google+, in a blog post recently. “These features will be rolling out over the next couple of days, and we hope you’ll find them useful this holiday season and beyond.”

It was only a month ago that Google launched brand pages. Upon launch, I spoke about the new opportunities for brands on #CommsChat and to their credit, Google have been listening to feedback and are rolling out the three most requested features which are as follows:

1. Multi user admin support.

This rectifies the issues critics had who said brand pages were of no use to anyone with only one person being able to manage the page. How many people are admins of your Facebook brand page for example? 5? More? Exactly. Now up to 50 people can be listed as administrators for a brand page on Google+.

2. Volume control for heavy posters in your circles

Letting you filter through the content better, there is a new sliding scale for how much you want to see of a person or brands content in your circle. Let’s take Robert Scoble for example, he posts a lot! You could dial down his content if you wanted to now, there is the option at least. These controls apply to entire Circles, which could prove to be very useful.

3. A newer, better notification system.

With all this content and engagement surfacing, brand owners needed a more efficient way of surfacing it all and this has come in the form of an improvement notification system. Now you will get sneak previews of activity going on and you’ll be able to see what content has been popular since you last logged in, in the shape of +1s and shares – useful to get a quick overview of user activity.

Check out the videos below for more but don’t blame me for the cheesy backing music.



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