How to Make Blogging Work for Your Company


How to Make Blogging Work for Your Company

Blogging is something that a lot of companies use, but not to its greatest effect. Almost every company has some kind of blog that speaks about the company itself, occasionally the customers, and very rarely their products. To many, it’s like a space to talk about useless things that very few customers care about, and it’s a waste opportunity due to how influential it could become if the companies put a little more effort into their blogging spaces.

It begs the question: is blogging really worth the trouble? If you want to get the most out of blogging, it usually requires a lot of investment and effort. For instance, you’re going to need dedicated writers for the blog, and it’s recommended that they’re actually part of your business and not freelance writers with no clue about your business. This is just one of the many concerns that you’ll encounter when you want to turn your blog into something productive for your business, and here are a couple more concerns to follow before you decide to go through with starting and maintaining a blog.

You will need to treat it like your website

One of the things popular marketing companies will do is theme your website depending on your needs. By extension, this also means you’ll need the same companies to help you beef up your blog as well. You need to give it banners, logos, a good name, lots of nice art and a clean interface. This can be too expensive for some people, but it goes without saying that you can’t neglect your blog’s website and it should be of a high standard like the rest of your website. However, if your blog is well-designed and similar to your website, you’ll have no trouble attracting potential customers and readers.

You’ll probably have to hire professional writers in-house

If you want articles about your business, then you’ll need to hire in-house writers who are able to speak to you and your staff while they think up ideas for articles. This can be far more expensive than a freelance writer and the type of content they put out might become very similar if you expect them to write one post every day. If they don’t, then they’re likely not worth the effort or salary. A good way to counteract this is to give your blog writer another role, such as community or social media manager. Once you’ve hired a talented writer, you’ll find it’s much easier to rank higher on Google because you’ll be creating more original content.

It has to be constantly updated

Let’s not forget that you have to constantly update your blog. Without regular updates, there will be no reason for your readers to come back. Make sure that your blog has a purpose so that your writers have plenty of content to write about before running out of ideas and steam. For instance, you could write about upcoming products and share those posts on social media, or you could give out some technical information about an upcoming product.


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