Listing Your Business Online Could Change The Marketing Game Forever

Listing Your Business Online Could Change The Marketing Game Forever
Listing Your Business Online Could Change The Marketing Game Forever

A lot of marketing advice is pretty much regurgitating the same things over and over again. If you run a small business and look for online marketing advice, then you’re probably an expert on SEO and social media by now! Instead of going down that route, this article will look at a different marketing idea; listing your business online.

What Does It Mean?

Firstly, what are we talking about here? What does it mean to list your business online? Simply put, you go on various websites and register your business with them. This creates a listing for your company that other people can see.

How Do I List My Business Online?

To answer this question, it’s not so much about how as it is where you can list your business. There are loads of options at your disposal, and here are some of the best ones to consider:

Google My Business

Naturally, you can (and need to) register your business on Google. Use their Google My Business tool to fill in all the details and list your business. The benefit of this is that you can vastly improve your search engine marketing campaign as your business can now appear on local search maps and be a verified business. When people search for companies in your area, your business will show up.


Yelp is a good place to list your business for multiple reasons. Firstly, the fact you’re on Yelp will add more credibility to your small business; people will trust you more. Secondly, you also gain the SEO benefits from the Yelp website itself. Finally, Yelp allows people to review your business, which can help you gain more customers with positive reviews.

Yellow Pages

In the past, you’d list your business in the physical version of the Yellow Pages. Now, you should list it on the online version. Millions of people still use this site to find reputable companies, you can gain more customers simply by having a listing on there.

Why Do It?

Why would you list your business? Well, it’s a smart way of getting your business out there to all four corners of the internet. If you list your company on a respectable site, people tend to trust your business more. Plus, it gives consumers more ways of finding your business. If you’re listed on Yelp or Yellow Pages, some people go to those sites to search for companies. Therefore, if you’re not listed, they won’t find you. Listing on Google My Business also makes it easier for people to find you as you gain a listing on Google Maps too. Plus, you can provide simple info such as your opening times, which means people gain information without needing to visit your site. In this day and age where speed is everything, a Google business listing goes a long way.

It should be clear now that listing your business online can change the way your market your company forever. Open your business up to more exposure, and start seeing more customers as a result.


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