The Social Media Council is free and open to all ‘client-side’ practitioners of Social Media or those that wish to further their learning of the discipline. Vendors or Consultants are not allowed to join as we want to create a secured place, where brands can share their experiences and learn from people with the same challenges, restrictions and requirements.

We see a need for a ‘brands-only’ community dedicated to Social Media as most of the numerous open platforms and groups are dominated by consultants and vendors to gain attention and generate leads. What you won’t get out there is the been-there, done-that experience from peers. This is the chance to connect with people like you that give you unbiased answers and don’t want to sell you anything.

We want to give you a platform to reach out to other ‘client-side´ members to broaden your network, share your learnings and challenges and get fast and unbiased answers to your questions. We also seek to use our resources to showcase great European work, understand metrics, effectiveness and ROI and help further the understanding and advancement of social media for the purposes of deeper consumer engagement, loyalty, affinity, retention and sales. In the future the SMCE will publish white-papers, weekly newsletters, host events to ensure members are up to date on market movements and best practice standards.

Member benefits:

  • Brands-only
  • Europe-focused
  • Editorial Thought Leadership
  • Efficient Peer-2-peer Learning
  • Co-Created


The Social Media Council is in beta. Based on your input of the co-creation project we will include Social Network functionalities to the site so you will be able to create a profile, connect with other members and participate in discussions.

Become a member

  • If you are interested in joining please fill this form clearly expressing your reason for wanting to join.
  • If you have any questions or issues you want to discuss with us please send us a mail to
  • Your membership is subject to review and can be revoked without notice at the request of other members for inappropriate behaviour. This includes, but is not exclusive to, unofficial or aggressive promotion of services and/ or a technology.

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