New Facebook Learnist Shows What Your Friends Are learning


The Pinterest-like website for learning that the founders of Grockit launched Thursday now has a Facebook integration that shows your friends what you’re learning.

Learnist, the newly launched product, allows anyone to compile content pieces onto a board (they call it a “learning”) that may look familiar. Unlike Pinterest, however, creators suggest a path in which to consume each content component. Users can check off each component as they go or “re-add” it to one of their own learnings.

The idea is to avoid the misinformation, hacked-together how-to articles and other useless content one must weed through in a typical Google search and instead provide a clear learning path that will eventually include some form of assessment.

Topics range from the frivolous — like how to find the best pizza in Brooklyn — to common core standards taught in classrooms.

 “We launched Learnist today as an invite-only beta. At Grockit, we’re focused on social learning — the idea that when you study with others, you learn faster. With Learnist, you can quickly share information with your online network about things you know, get feedback, and collaborate to learn new things. ” Said Roy Gilbert CEO of Grockit

“Learnist takes advantage of the incredible surge in free, high-quality educational content coming online.  We see Learnist as not just a compliment to innovations in the classroom, though.  We think that Learnist will be the best way to organize general non-fiction information around experts and topics.”


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