The Real Reasons Your Social Media Campaign Isn’t Making You Friends


Social media marketing can catapult even the smallest business into the limelight. Although this form of marketing has the potential to achieve incredible results, it’s fairly easy to make mistakes. If you’ve got a campaign up and running, but you don’t seem to be making many friends, here are some of the reasons why your strategy may be floundering.

Underestimating the importance of analysis

In this day and age, results are driven by data. If you’re sharing posts on various platforms, but you’re not looking at who is actually reading them, what they’re using them for or what action they’re taking after looking at the content, you could be missing a trick. Analytic tools enable you to access all kinds of useful information related to web traffic, social media trends and the efficacy of individual posts. Use the information that is available to you to streamline and shape your campaign and to gain an understanding of what your audience wants and which types of post work best. If you’re using multiple platforms, you can also use data to establish which sites and apps are most popular. There’s no point in ploughing money into Twitter advertising if you’re getting much better results via Facebook or Instagram, for example.

The Real Reasons Your Social Media Campaign Isn’t Making You Friends

Failing to target your audience

Any social media expert will tell you that your priority should always be to tailor your campaign to the target market. To be successful, you need to ensure that you’re generating and sharing posts and placing adverts that are relevant to the audience. The content you produce and the platforms you use should also be relevant to your brand. If you don’t know where to begin, it’s worth searching for a social media agency that can help you design an effective strategy that will cater for the needs, preferences and interests of your target customer. If you’re promoting your business, you need to first understand what kinds of posts your audience enjoys, which social apps they use and how readers and followers make decisions. If you understand what makes a consumer take action when they read a post, look at an image or watch a video clip, this will help you seize the power of social media.

The Real Reasons Your Social Media Campaign Isn’t Making You Friends

Sharing poor quality or forgettable content

Online users have very little time and patience, and this means that you need to spark an interest with your posts and photographs. If you’re producing run-of-the-mill content that is easy to forget, your campaign isn’t going to have the desired effect. Focus on producing original posts, always bear your target market in mind, and try and think outside of the box. Not every post has to be a link to an article or details about an event or a promotion. Spice things up with video clips, vlogs or interesting stories or tales you’ve spotted in the news that are relevant to your business. If you can keep people interested and ensure that they look forward to your next post, this is a good sign.

The Real Reasons Your Social Media Campaign Isn’t Making You Friends

Has your social media campaign failed to set the world alight? If you’re hoping to turn your fortunes around, hopefully, this advice will come in handy. Good luck!


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