A Review of Some Top Insurance Software Company Products

A Review of Some Top Insurance Software Company Products
A Review of Some Top Insurance Software Company Products

In this age of technology driven businesses, no industry wants to be left out. It has become clear that no business can survive the stiff competition in any business arena today if they are not taking advantage of any and every technological edge they can get.

Some industries have had no choice but to actively incorporate technology in their operations quite early while some others have started implementing varying levels of technological assistance. This article here, though slightly dated attempts to look at the evolution of tech in business.

Whatever else we may say, one thing we can all agree on is that tech can no longer be regarded as simply important because it now forms the core of most businesses. It’s therefore no wonder that the insurance industry, which is one of the more traditional business sectors, is seriously adopting insurtech in form of various software.

In this article, we will briefly look at some of the top insurance software that many insurers are relying on to improve their performance. But before we jump into this, we will quickly look at some benefits that these technological resource offer insurance companies.

Benefits of Insurance Software
Benefits of Insurance Software

Benefits of Insurance Software

All the benefits that we can discuss here revolve around three major areas – increased efficiency, improved customer service and interaction and reduced operational cost. Now let’s try to break these down.

Process Automation

This is one of the most common benefits that software brings to any operation, business or otherwise. A lot of simple repeated processes that usually take up a lot of time are automated, significantly improving efficiency as members of staff are freed up to cater to more demanding aspects of the job.

Aside from freeing workers up to handle other more important tasks, process automation also improves efficiency because these tasks are now completed a lot faster and with little to no human error.

Customer Service

Customers are at the heart of any business and the ability to manage them with greater efficiency is one major benefit that can be enjoyed with the use of the right software. These insurtech platforms provide among other things multiple channels for communicating with the customer.

This improved communication serves to help keep track of customer demands, queries and needs at all times.

Data Acquisition

Following from the point above, this is probably the most important benefit that businesses enjoy from using these insurtech platforms. The ability to communicate with the customer across multiple channels also gives access to the acquisition of immense data on each customer.

This data covers, habits, needs, lifestyle and many more. With this information, products can be designed with laser sharp precision for each customer, increasing both customer satisfaction and overall sales.

For more on benefits, you can read this article: https://www.slideshare.net/StevenMRichard/functions-and-benefits-of-insurance-software.

Choosing the Right Software

Choosing the Right Software

What are some of the important features that one should watch out for when choosing an insurtech solution to work with? Some of these important features include:

Ease of Use

This is an important requirement to consider. A very steep learning curve means you cannot immediate deploy it because you will need a lot of time to train your team. Systems that are easy to use are more convenient to use with little down time.


This is another important requirement to consider since a lot of businesses have other applications that they may need to integrate as third-party software. Ability to do this with ease is of immense importance.


Unless your company uses software specifically built for it (which will cost quite a bundle), any other insurtech solution you choose to go for should offer extensive customization options. This allows each organization to tweak the software to suit their operations.

This will include the addition of company logo, colors, fields and many others. Be sure to look out for this.


This is the last consideration factor we will look at here. Scalability will allow you save cost while using exactly the features you require. As your business grows, you will be able to gain access to more features at some additional cost to you.

This ensures that funds are not wasted on features that are not necessary for your business at the level that it is at.

Reviews of Top Insurance Software

It’s now time to quickly list a few insurance software currently available.

Adaptik Suite

This is an insurance software that offers user-friendliness and intuitiveness. It provides features that make it easy to handle different insurance related tasks including administration of policies, design of products, billing, and automation of simple tasks among other features.

You can try it out before purchasing it and there is round-the-clock support to handle any questions you may have.

Insurance Noodle

This particular software is great for agents. It offers automation of regular tasks, helps manage both clients and insurers and generally makes it easy for any agent to be on top of their game regardless of the work load they have to deal with.

This solution can be deployed as an iOS mobile app, over the web, cloud or as an SaaS platform. You also have support during business hours and other online avenues during off business hours.

SchemeServe Software

This is likely one of the most robust insurance software available. Its versatility makes it suitable for insurance companies, MGAs and agents. It provides features that each of these sections can customize to increase their efficiency.

Some of its features include automation, data analysis, product launch and distribution channels, customer relationship management and many other important features.

It offers incredible third-party integration making it easy to fit into most existing setups. It can be customized to suit a company’s image and also improve each organizations unique mode of operation.

You can contact them for more enquiries into how this platform can be used with greater efficiency.

There are a lot more options out there to choose from. The important thing however is this; whichever platform you eventually go for, ensure it offers your organization the tools it really requires to compete favorably in today’s tough insurance market.

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