How to Seamlessly Separate Your Work and Home Life

How to Seamlessly Separate Your Work and Home Life
How to Seamlessly Separate Your Work and Home Life

Everybody’s always talking about achieving the perfect work life balance; a world where your phone doesn’t ring whilst you’re at the dinner table or where you’re not tempted to email a client during a gym class. The truth is, this isn’t going to be attainable if you don’t know how. It’s no secret that tech boosts productivity, but it’s also a massive distraction in your day to day life. You need to find a way to seamlessly separate your work and home life without compromising on anything. It sounds a lot easier than it actually is, so you will need to make a few stern rules for yourself along the way. Consider all of the following ideas and try to weave them into your everyday life right now.

Invest in a Work Phone

Instead of giving out your personal phone number to your clients, you should invest in a separate work phone. You don’t have to worry about paying a fortune for another phone contract either, just check out these Straight Talk reviews. You can choose a contract left that suits you, as well as enjoying unlimited minutes and texts. When you are out of the office, it will be very easy to switch off this phone instead of mixing it with your personal one. This simple switch might just help you to find that ideal separation between work and your social life.

Keep Your Social Media Accounts Separate

Did you start running your business using your personal social media account? If so, then it might be time to make a much needed switch to a professional profile. Perhaps this has been on your to do list for quite a while now, but you never quite got round to doing anything about it. You will soon realize how refreshing it is to operate two different social media accounts, one with your business goals and the other with your personal intentions.

Know When to Switch Off

When you run a business switching off is a lot easier said than done sometimes. You want to want as much money as possible and you want to gain as much exposure as you can. However, sometimes it’s okay to take a break and enjoy some chill out time with your friends and family. They will soon start to get annoyed if you are constantly taking calls or emailing whilst they’re trying to hang out with you. Switch off that work phone and learn to engage with people during your well deserved down time.

Trying to balance your social life with your business is always going to be tricky, but if you are willing to take time out to separate the two you will be successful. Soon you will see how rewarding it is to be able to switch off every evening after you have finished your work. Keeping your work and personal life will always be a challenge that every business owner faces but with the right knowledge you can and will make it work.

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