SEO and Social Media: A Match Made in Business Heaven

SEO and Social Media: A Match Made in Business Heaven

Rather than thinking of SEO and social media as two distinct entities, you should instead consider them as two closely interlinking strategies that go hand in hand. After all, the aim of both of them is to create an appealing identity that attracts visitors to your website in a natural way. So, the energy that you put into building your search engine rankings can boost your social media followers and vice versa. In this article, we will look in more detail about the specific social media activity which can help to improve your SEO.

Increasing Number of Followers

The number of followers on your various social media accounts plays a big role in your overall search engine rankings. Though it is not the only factor in play, it is one of the most important. However, search engines have systems in place to check the quality of your followers. So, this is something that is worth considering before you decide to pay to gain thousands of followers. Of course, building followers organically is the more challenging option, but it is the one that pays off in the long-run.

There is plenty of advice available about how to grow your followers, but essentially you want to be using a similar voice to be communicating your brand and updating your accounts on a regular basis. Your posts should be interesting, engaging and varied. Also, you should be interacting with your followers directly and responding to anything that is posted on any of your accounts.

Gaining External Inbound Links

You should be aiming for your content to be shared by other people and other businesses as well. If you have a diverse array of external links, you will receive more authority from the big search engines. It should go without saying that the content you are sharing needs to be high-quality in the first place or you are never going to be able to obtain the number of shares that you are looking for. You should also be looking for content to be directing people back to your website and any blogs that you have written. Bring your content into existing discussions and use hashtags to increase its visibility.

You should be aiming for your content to be shared by other people and other businesses as well

Optimising Your Posts for Searches

This particular strategy is based on the popularity of your existing posts. Social media posts which have attracted a good deal of attention tend to feature highly in search results. Ultimately, this all depends on how well your posts are optimised as this is only likely to be a temporary opportunity to attract some attention. Essentially, it helps if you are engaging with current news stories and hot topics so you can attract traffic from these areas.

To start off with, you will need a strong anchor for your post. Next, you will need to title it in a way that is both accurate and descriptive. You may choose to be highly specific in the aim of targeting people who are searching for a single search term. Seasonal keywords may be a way of further narrowing down your post and increasing your chances of ranking highly.

Encouraging Social Sharing

Again, this goes back to search engines trusting reliable third parties which share your content so this is what you want to be encouraging. Essentially, you are looking for shares, likes, replies and whatever else that is specific to each social media platform. If you can get these from big and trusted accounts, you are doing even better. One way that businesses encourage more followers and shares is by offering prizes and rewards. So, the more people that share your content, the more likely it is that you will increase your followers. It really is a win-win situation. Alternatively, you could give people access to exclusive content if they simply like your page.

Local Posting

Engaging the local community is something that many businesses strive to do, and there is no doubt that social media is a great way to do this. There are two central ways in which you can do this. The first is showcase your involvement in the local area. So, if you are sponsoring a particular event or raising money for a certain cause, you should shout about this as much as possible. Make sure that you take plenty of photos and videos as this is the most effective way of engaging social media users.

The second way of utilising locally-optimised posts is by interacting with other businesses or organisations in the area. Essentially, you want to get involved in the posts of the major local voices so you can encourage a mutually beneficial relationship that involves you sharing each other’s posts as much as possible.

The link between social media and SEO is a close one which you need to nurture as much as possible

Widening Brand Awareness

Though this may seem like it is a brand-based activity rather than one that enhances your SEO, the two are very closely linked. If you can get your brand name into more people’s heads through social media activity, this will naturally lead to more branded searches on Google and the like. If your brand receives more searches, this makes it more likely that you will receive an . increase of non-branded searches as well. Ultimately, if you can make your social media a hub of interesting activity, it should follow suit that you receive an increase of search traffic.

The link between social media and SEO is a close one which you need to nurture as much as possible. What it all comes down to is giving your followers and clients a good experience that makes them want to come to you. The content that you are sharing should be useful and relevant to their everyday lives. But you should also be casting a wide net so you are making it easier for as many people to find your accounts as possible. Building followers can be a challenging process, but it is one that is worthwhile and it should ultimately translate to more customers and an increase in your bottom line.


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