Social Media Advertising Apps You Might Not Have Considered Using

Social Media Advertising Apps You Might Not Have Considered Using
Social Media Advertising Apps You Might Not Have Considered Using

Social media advertising is going from strength to strength in recent years. Every year, new updates continue to make social media platforms more integrated, more intuitive, and more subtle with its advertising potential. There’s a whole array of benefits that come from social media advertising, and time dedicated to reading the articles on this blog will be instructive in this regard.

The best social media site to advertise through, without a doubt, resoundingly, is Facebook. Using a professional Facebook advertising agency will allow you to best tailor your promotional delivery aims to the clients you want to be exposed to. Facebook is widely regarded as the most ‘official’ of the social media platforms, and other popular social media apps mostly all incorporate Facebook integration to some degree.

However, there are also a growing number of social media apps, each with their individual quirks, that can provide you with some fantastic exposure, and subtly too. This list will help you identify those.



Snapchat has gone from strength to strength in the last year. Since rolling out the expensive facial recognition software that allows for photo filters to be automatically applied and form-fitted to your face, the app has exploded in popularity, and now celebrities often use it to act quirky on their Instagram feeds.

The ‘snapchat stories’ feature has become a popular way to provide news reports, be those political or celebrity focused, and many brands have jumped on the promotional bandwagon. For an upfront cost, you can have your quick advertisement played after a story completes its cycle. This is an unintrusive way to advertise because before the viewers see your ad, they have already accessed the content they wanted to see in the first place.

This allows them to view your advertisement as less of a hindrance to their content, but more of a polite exposure tactic employed by your company.



Tinder is a popular online dating app that reduces a person’s profile to a short bio and a series of up to 6 photo’s. Users either ‘swipe left’ if they aren’t attracted to the profile shown, or ‘swipe right’ to profiles they are. For a fee, your businesses profile can be injected as a ‘dating profile,’ in this app.

People who ‘swipe right’ on you will automatically be matched with you, without any need for interaction on your end. Your profile will automatically send the matched recipients inbox a message detailing your business with a personalized message and will provide a link to find out more. It’s a tongue-in-cheek way of doing business and allows your business to give off that informal, ‘hip’ aura.



Happn, another dating app, is a little more uniform and traditional than Tinder but has grown tremendously in popularity over reason months. The app allows you to match with people who you have passed, so it connects you with the surrounding community much more than other apps. In a similar way to Tinder, you can incorporate your advertising promotion as a dating profile, and reap the benefits thereof. There are many amazing and clever ways you can promote yourself in this regard, and people are more likely to look at it fondly in such an informal online environment.

To summarize, Facebook is always the king of social media, but having a look at other apps to sell your product or expose your business, in addition, can be very fruitful.



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