Social media and smartphone statistics and reach in Europe


There are substantial differences between the social media landscapes in the United States and Europe. Due to the locality of technology start-ups and the biggest social media players (based in Silicon Valley, New York and other US technological centres); the US appears to be more tech savvy. However, social networking is on the rise in Europe proving that a lot of interesting things are happening in the EU digital ecosystem. The same can be said for the increasing numbers in Smartphone usage.


Recent data from ComScore maps the reach of social networking within Europe. Spain tops the chart with 98.2% of its population accessing some source of social media whilst the Russian Federation bottoms the chart with 86.6%.


Europe’s favourite social media websites

Europe has the lion share in social networking activity worldwide. American-based Facebook tops the list of social media websites whilst those that come second and third are local sites within Europe.




The market share of Smartphone users in Europe is led by Symbian, Android and iOs, with RIM and Microsoft following behind.


In the EU, smartphone adoption has reached nearly 42%, an increase of 13% (October 2011-12). The country with the highest market penetration is Spain (48.4%), followed closely by the UK (48.1%). In Italy 42.1% of mobile owners use a smartphone, whilst in France this figure drops to 38.1%. Only 34.2% in Germany use smartphones. However, the growth rate in Germany is the highest within Europe with an increase of 64% in the number of smartphone users in the past year.




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