Social Media: Dangerous And Distracting Or Educational And Efficient?

Social Media: Dangerous And Distracting Or Educational And Efficient?

Social media can get, the somewhat unfair, reputation as the chief technological distraction in our lives. The ideas that we’re all glued to our phones liking photos and posting comments isn’t too far from the truth. If that wasn’t bad enough, some people even believe social media to be dangerous and damaging too. One thing is clear, social media is here to stay. It can’t all be bad, so what are some of the positive uses of social media?
Making The News More Accessible

The accusation that social media distracts us and helps us to procrastinate is true. We do sometimes find ourselves mindlessly scrolling through our news feeds avoiding work. However, social media can also be the best kind of distraction. News outlets are now utilizing social media to break news, keep us up to date, and deliver snippets of information. This has made the news far more accessible to a larger amount of people. Not just that, but most of us prefer having essential updates in bite-size pieces to reading a newspaper cover to cover. This social media friendly news is a good distraction surely? It keeps more of us aware and abreast of the current newsworthy stories.

A Tool For Teenagers

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Teenagers are seen as most at risk from social media. Parents of this age group can be wary of the amount of time teens spend online. Horror stories about grooming and bullying have led some to believe that social media is to blame. On the contrary, social media can actually be used as a useful tool in reaching out to teens. Social media allows a teenager to be inspired and feel like a part of society. They are able to voice their opinions and learn from others too. It’s also made learning more fun. Teens can watch Youtube videos about absolutely anything Which keeps them informed too.

Social media can also be used as a useful tool in encouraging teenagers creativity . Instagram is the perfect medium for a budding photographer to get noticed. Similarly learning how to increase blog traffic is a great skill for a marketing enthusiast. SEO agency London does just that. It advises companies on how to create SEO-rich content for their websites and businesses. These are skills that will be useful in day-to-day life. Especially because most industries now utilize social media in some way. So teenagers could actually be furthering their career development.

Image source Pixabay
Image source Pixabay

Building Relationships

This is one of the biggest positives about social media. It helps us to build relationships. This could include getting back in touch with a friend you fell out of contact with. It could even include building relationships between your business and a client. Social media can also help us to keep in touch with loved ones who are overseas. It’s an easy form of communication that makes building and maintaining relationships far easier.


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