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1. Comscore 2011 Social Report: Our analysis. 

Just before everyone went off for Christmas we did a full analysis on the Comscore Social Report which I recommend you to check out above. We go in to detail around the data from the report – Eg social networking is now the most popular online activity worldwide accounting for nearly 1 in every 5 minutes spent online in October 2011, and reaches 82 percent of the world’s Internet population, representing 1.2 billion users around the globe. For more hit the link above.

2. Top 10 videos on YouTube in 2011 

It might surprise you to see which videos topped the charts on YouTube in 2011. Number 1 is a talking dog with over 85m views.

We’ve included a list of the Top 10 videos on YouTube in 2011 below.

1. Ultimate Dog Tease

2. The T-Mobile Royal Wedding

3. Songify This – Winning

4. Nyan Cat [original]

5. Michael Collings audition

6. Masterchef Synesthesia

7. Diary of a bad man 5

8. Rebecca Black Friday (Brock’s Dub)

9. Talking Twin Babies

10. TomSka

3. Storify brings conversation to the platform with Livefyre

Storify, the Twitter and multi-media curation service that makes following the fast stream of conversation at events a joy, amongst other things, has finally added the ability to post comments on stories through the commenting platform Livefyre. It’s an opt-in feature so you have to allow it but it gives the platform a much richer level of engagement.

Like ReadWriteWeb say “There’s something magical about Tweets, photos and links brought together in a new context, with commentary, and placed in an embeddable collection called a Storify. Some people may say that aggregation is not a creative act, but Storify offers a strong argument otherwise.”

4. The Economist talks about the opportunity and threats social media brings to businesses

A great long form read about the benefits and pitfalls social media brings to your business, starting the article off by saying “The only area of business that seems to be recession-proof is social media.” It goes in to great detail about, amongst other things, the need for curation and filtration of all the masses of data so we can find meaning, value and that needle amongst the haystack of the Internet. I hope we’re doing just that, right here.

5. Instagram finally brings full sized images to Facebook status updates

A recent feature upgrade for Instagram now sees photos taken with the app, displaying beautifully and full size within Facebook. Before this, they were restricted to being shown as a thumbnail and you had to click through to see the image in full. This small change will no doubt see Instagram experience even more rapid growth as users flock to share their images on Facebook.

6. Google+ saw their biggest month of traffic ever in December 2011. 

Google+’s total monthly US visits have grown 55% month on month from November to December 2011. 49 million visits were recorded in December 2011 — the biggest month to date and are Google+ is said to be growing at a rate of 625,000 users per day. It’s clear that we shouldn’t be writing off the social layer just yet.


7. Will YouTube revolutionise television? 

An excellent long read from The New Yorker about the past, present and future dreams of YouTube and how people prefer niches because the experience is more immersive.

8. Text messaging is in decline.  

Over christmas, traditionally the most popular time for sending text messages, countries globally have been experiencing a steep decline in text messaging through network providers. For example, Hong Kong (down 14%), Australia (down 10%) and Finland (down from 11m to 8.5) noted year on year numbers to compare. This is a trend we’re watching as users migrate to instant messaging tools like iMessage, What’s App and Facebook Messenger and bypassing the network. This is an area mobile networks i’m sure have some worry about due to it being such a cash cow for them. Now they are seeing that evaporate and with mobile picture messaging not taking off, will need to think about where that money will come from instead.

9. creates business cards based around your Facebook Timeline

Moo have stolen the charge with personalised business cards before but in conjunction with the global roll out of Timeline, they’ve worked with Facebook themselves to come up with a range of business cards that take information straight from your Timeline and bridge the gap between virtual and physical.

The partnership will see the company give away 50 cards to the first 200,000 people. Jillian Stefanki, a spokeswoman for Facebook said recently “The integration makes it possible for people to take the same experience with them offline.” and Richard Moross, founder of said that this was down to “the lines between online social networking and offline business networking not just blurring, but vanishing”. A great collaboration – go grab yours here. 


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