Social Media Industry Digest #4


Welcome to the latest installment of industry news to keep you up to date with what’s hot in the social media industry. Read on for more.


YouTube launches school friendly video service

YouTube For Schools has launched and promises classrooms access to educational videos by creating playlists according to subject matter and intended age level.

Google has said that it hopes to attract schools which had previously been put off by inappropriate content on the site or seeing YouTube as a distraction from education.

The new service allows schools to turn on a network setting that means pupils can only access content from YouTube EDU – the site’s section for education videos and essentially creating a walled garden of the video content only that they have chosen for students to access.

Check out the video below or the official blog post for more.


Japanese show record tweets per second

According to Twitter Comms, a TV screening of popular anime, Castle in the Sky in Japan set a new record of 25,088 tweets per second and completely smashing the previous record of “nearly 9,000 TPS” following the announcement of Beyonce’s pregnancy.

Though Twitter doesn’t provide a breakdown of country-specific statistics, Twitter was estimated to have 10 million Japanese people and that was at the start of the year, while Japanese is the second most used language on the service.


Instagram is voted the iPhone App of the Year by Apple

Apple has released its annual iTunes Rewind, a look back at the most popular content available in the App Store over the past year.

This year, the top award went to photo-sharing app Instagram, which Apple named “iPhone App of the Year.”

Instagram lets you take professional looking photos on your iPhone, apply polaroid-like filters and share your creations on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other popular social networks. Its attractive interface and ease-of-use has earned the iOS app between 14 million and 15 million downloads, according to figures listed by Instagram CEO Chief Executive Kevin Systrom at Thursday’s LeWeb conference in Paris. They are said to be working on an Android version which will help push the brand outside of being closely linked with iPhone only.


Facebook is responsible for 52% of all online sharing

Add This has conducted some analysis on the 1.2 Billion users currently making use of Add This, as a result, this may be one of the most comprehensive sets of data available about online sharing.


Tumblr sharing has grown over 1299.5%, and is accelerating. This growth sharply contrasts with Digg and Myspace, whose sharing rates continue to fall (by 47.7% and 56.9% respectively). Facebook continues to grow, and Chrome is on its way to becoming the world’s most social browser. Mobile sharing alone has grown over 600% since 2010 and Facebook is now responsible for over half of all content shared online, quite incredible.


The ten most overused buzz words of the year on LinkedIn

LinkedIn took a look at the more than 135 million professional profiles on the platform and analysed which were the top ten most overused buzz words.

They were:

  • Creative
  • Effective
  • Organisational
  • Extensive experience
  • Track record
  • Motivated
  • Innovative
  • Problem solving
  • Communication skills
  • Dynamic

How many have you used?


And finally…. here’s one from us.

New Twitter and Early Adopter Brands Best Practice

Where others gave you merely the news announcement that Twitter had updated its offering for brands, we went in to extensive detail to show you what had changed, which brands had been chosen as launch partners and what we felt were some of the best examples of brands making use of the new opportunities.

As always let us know what you think. Until next time…


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