Social Media For Social Businesses

Social Media For Social Businesses
Social Media For Social Businesses

Over the last few years, loads of new methods have come about which are designed to make marketing easier for businesses. From cookie-based adverts which are always shown to the right customers, to online analytics tools which can make for much easier research, there are loads of ways to boost your outreach. Of course, social media has quickly become one of the most popular of these tools. With almost everyone in the world holding an account somewhere, this is the only true way to expose yourself to the entire world, and this post is here to help you out with it.

Understanding what you can use social media for in your business will take a bit of research. Most companies will have different ideas for their work in places like this, and you will almost certainly have a unique set of aims which only you will be working towards. You can find some common examples of this sort of work in the section below.

General Outreach

Getting your business’ name out around the internet isn’t like doing in a single city or town. Being unable to rely on word of mouth to spread your company, you will need to find ways to approach people a little more directly. Services like Facebook and Instagram give you this power, enabling you to submit posts which will be seen by hundreds of people. As time goes on, and your accounts gain greater followings, you will slowly be able to have a larger impact on the platforms you’ve chosen. Of course, though, this is just the start of what social media has in store.

A Place For Updates

Keeping your existing customers in the know about your new and updated products lines can often be the difference between making sales and having dead days. People won’t check your site all the time to see if new things have been added, instead relying on you to let them know as potential favourites hit the store. To help them to find your goods, posting small galleries of the new items you have in stock can be a great approach to take, as it will always ensure that your customers don’t have to spend ages searching.

A Chance For Some Promotion

Of course, not all of your posts on social media have to be designed to help your customers. Instead, as another route to take, you can use your posting as a sort of advert, giving new users the chance to find your goods without using Google. All of the major players in the field have options which enable you to boost or promote your posts to get them higher up on people’s lists. While a method like this will cost a little bit of money, the amount of reach it can give you is huge. This is a great way to get more people seeing your account as you get started and don’t have many users, but will be less useful as time goes on.

Using Someone Else’s Influence

The power of social media is so great that businesses don’t even need to post onto their own accounts if they want to have an impact. In fact, nowadays, it’s becoming much more popular to use influencer marketing for this sort of job. By finding a social media user with interests in the products you sell, you could build a partnership which sees them creating countless potential adverts for you. Of course, though, they won’t look like adverts, and this is what makes them so powerful; users won’t realise that they are having a product pushed in their direction. This is a great way to make people happier to spend money with you.


Not a lot of people realize, but social media can have a huge impact on your website’s SEO. With backlinking being so important to search engines, having your website posted on sites like Facebook can have a big impact on your rankings. To help you out with setting up your accounts and knowing how to post to them, it could be worth using an SEO company to help you with this part of the job. You can find more info about this part of your marketing on loads of different websites. Of course, though, professional advice will often be the most powerful tool you have when you start with something like this.

Handling Your Account

Once you have a good idea of what you’ll be using your social media accounts for, you will be ready to begin the process of building them up into something to be proud of. This will take some time, and you will need to do loads of work along the way. To help you out, you can find a couple of the crucial areas covered below.

Keep Posting: Users will get bored and unfollow your accounts if you don’t post consistently. A lot of businesses will aim to submit content at least twice a week to each platform, focusing on the most popular times and days for people to be using them. There are loads of scheduling tools around the web which can enable you to do this with ease.

Keep It Interesting: Along with users getting bored when you don’t post enough, they will also find it hard to stay interested if your content isn’t rich enough. You should always be on the hunt for new ideas, using other people’s popular posts as a guide. Of course, you should never copy anyone else here, though, as this will be very easy to spot.

Stay Social: Most social media websites rely heavily on user interactions to make profiles popular. This means that you have to like, follow, and subscribe to other people’s content if you want yours to do well. A lot of people struggle with this aspect of their social media marketing, as it is the only area which involves being a normal user.

Hopefully, with all of this in mind, it will start to get a lot easier to manage the social media accounts you use for your business. This is becoming one of the key areas businesses have to focus on if they want to keep their sales nice and high. Of course, with this in mind, it should be easy to keep this work as one of your priorities.


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