Social Media Tools To Use During Big Campaigns

Social media to use during the big campaigns.

When you are launching a new product, event, partnership, or simply trying to drive more leads to your business, a social media campaign is often one of the central arms of your online strategy. But social media campaigns are about more than just getting more active. It’s time to bust out the big guns and find the content and tactics that can really deepen the impact you make on your market.

Make precision strikes

Look at the data of all your past social media posts using tools like social media management apps. In particular, look at what time your posts tend to be most successful. Almost every business can figure out when their audience is most active online. Then, you can schedule your most impactful posts to go out at those times, ensuring it has the biggest potential readership possible. The more active members of your audience online at any one time, the more like a post is to pick up, be shared, and even reach viral status if you’re lucky.

Use multimedia liberally

Countless people have studied the formats of social media posts to figure out which tend to draw most engagement and the evidence is overwhelming. Multimedia is the way to go and more than worth investing in. Posts with high-quality pictures, photography, and infographics work better than text alone. Short, snappy videos that can effectively tell a story or deliver a message work even better. If you’re running a social media campaign without any multimedia in it at all, you are severely handicapping your chances of success.

Don’t fear the ads

It might be considered one of the most effective “organic” methods of marketing out there, but most social media platforms have space for advertisements. In fact, if you’re willing to pay to get your content out there, it’s more likely to hit more of your audience. Just make sure it’s optimized much more than your regular posts. Marketing firms can help you understand what makes an effective social media ad, so if you’re stuck, get in contact. Again, ad success depends on things like scheduling, knowing how to narrow your audience scope so that you’re only spending on those people most likely to convert, and so on. They can be a hugely effective tool when used in conjunction with a more organic social strategy.

Get them involved

You want people retweeting, liking, sharing, pinning, and engaging with your posts much more during a social media campaign. One of the most effective ways to do that is to get them involved in it. Run a contest or make posts that encourage them to share their own stories, photos, or any other kind of involvement. Leverage the social power of social media by recognizing that it is not just a tool for delivering your message, but that it is more successful when both sides are contributing.

Social media campaigns give you and your business the opportunity to see what really works for your online market and can help you establish your voice. This can give you the insight to permanently increase how well you engage the audience well after the campaign is over.


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