Social TV And Online TV Are Key Developments In 2012: Combined They Challenge And Offer Opportunities


TechCrunch’s article shows two out of the five social media trends are related to social media, online and television. The uptake towards these two trends, Social TV and online TV have been significant.

Social TV
With regard to Social TV, think of the billions of tweets concerning TV shows, content and tv celebrities. Next to these massive streams of interaction, there are already a couple of billion Facebook Likes on pages about shows and TV content.
Social will have a key role in helping us discover new content, especially as the amount of content available continues to grow.

Online TV
Online TV’s key uptake is Netflix’s 25% share of the total US bandwith at prime time. If there’s one figure that shows the shift towards redistribution of TV viewership, multi-channel trends, than it’s this one.

Not only Netflix but also Hulu is adding pressure to push the industry and sooner or later Hollywood has to jump in to great unknown of the Internet.

Hulu announced a 60% growth from 2010 to approximately $420 million in revenue. Next to this it announced two original scripted shows, “Battleground” (documentary-style political drama) and “Up to Speed” (a road-tripping reality show).
Hulu’s content offering grew approximately 40% vs 2010; Hulu Plus’ content offering grew more than 105%. The surge in available content on Hulu, adds weight to the bandwith usage of Netflix, online is becoming a preferred channel for content consumption.

Where Social TV and online TV come together
With this ever increasing amount of content, the role of social, as mentioned earlier, kicks in. Content discovery and the influence by its network is offering both challenges and opportunities.
Television fans want to get involved. This engagement will determine how attractive and profitable TV players will be in the future.


  1. There are two apps available right now that let you use Twitter on live TV. So if you are watching a TV show you can see all the tweets and #hashtags about that show right on your TV, you can even tweet back..

    Social GTV.

    Two great apps changing the way we interact with TV

  2. Nice article
    Gianluigi. The moves in social tv have moved ahead at light speed. There is a real opportunity for networks to grow their social media presence. There have been studies that show social buzz has impacted tv ratings but to date only by about 3%. My own feeling is that through implementing community teams networks can monitor the conversation occurring around their properties and join in. Encouraging and developing stronger relationships with the shows.Thanks for sharing your thoughts!Michael GirardCommunity Engagement, Radian6

  3. Thanks Mike.

    I don’t find the 3% that shocking at this point of time. Right now just bits and pieces are being socialized, not enabling optimal impact, buzz and so forth.

    Exactly, community team networks, but also creation of content that enables participation and chatter with the content instead of just about the content.

    Is the study which concluded a 3% impact, a Radian6 study?

  4. Nice article Gianluigi!

    I should describe Social TV as an technology for multi tasking media. Furthermore I feel a correlation between TV viewing habits and general web-browsing activity.


  5. I’ve never really watched tv shows on the internet before this year. But when my friends suggest to me to try watching online, I have discovered that Internet tv is awesome.


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