Stop Customers Abandoning Before Buying


The average level of abandonment for online retailers is well over sixty percent. If you have this issue, you will be losing a massive level of sales, often due to one small mistake. Yes, most of the mistakes that cause customers to abandon a shopping cart before buying are issues that you can fix. Let’s look then at some of the top reasons why your customers are ditching the cart online before committing to a purchase. Don’t forget this can happen at the very end of the marketing funnel and will be very frustrating for you. Particularly, if you can see customers are making it to the last level of the transaction before clicking away.


Stop Customers Abandoning Before Buying

Security Trouble

The first issue that you must be aware of is a problem with security. These days, every customer is worried, or at the very least aware of the issue a potential hack could cause for them. Remember, if your business is hacked, it’s likely that they will be targeting your customers rather than your actual company. Understandably this makes customers wary of buying without the right level of security.

The simplest form of security is making sure that your site is running on Https. While this might sound like a basic move, plenty of sites are still not doing this to encrypt their data. Now, engines like Chrome will warn users if your site is not secure. Over eighty percent of customers will click away after seeing this warning according to a recent survey.

You can take more extreme measures to protect your customers too, and these days high security could be seen as a USP.

Offer Multiple Payments

Not every customer is the same. Ultimately, this just means that you need to be offering customers as many options as possible once they reach your checkout. Some will want to pay to be a credit card, others by Paypal and more by debit. You should be offering all these different possibilities if you want to make sure that you get the highest levels of conversions. This is easy with solutions offered by companies like BlueSnap. Providing integration software, you’ll be able to set up your site for every type of purchase and payment possible.

Too Slow

Speed is important for efficiency levels on your site, and it’s also crucial for customers who want a fast, easy sale. Remember, make things easy and you won’t have trouble getting those big sale numbers. Don’t give customers a chance to reconsider whether they want to commit to the purchase. Speed can either refer to how long the page takes to load, or it can refer to how long it takes for a payment to go through. No page these days should take more than a couple of seconds to be fully loaded, even on mobile.

As well as this, you should cut out the number of clicks and links that customers need to go through to complete a sale. If it’s a maze, they could get lost along the road to completing the transaction.

We hope this helps you stop customers from abandoning your site before the sale.

Stop Customers Abandoning Before Buying
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