The Fashion World and Social Media – A Perfect Fit


Social media is changing the way businesses interact with their customers and vice versa. Social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and Youtube have transformed the way our entire society functions, bringing forth new ways to interact with our family and friends. Some industries have taken to this new medium with great ease, none more than the fashion industry.

Fashion is Social

The fashion industry is perfect for the new expanding world of social networking. Afterall,  the very concept of fashion is based on sharing cutting edge styles and looks with others to begin trends. Fashion used to be dictated by what people see in glossy magazines, or for those lucky enough to be able to get a seat at the catwalks. Now, images can be shared on Twitter or Facebook and can go around the world in a matter of minutes. In this way, social media is expanding the fashion industries reach and potential, something that the bigger coorporations know only too well.

Big Business

At the moment there are a few big hitters getting literally millions of fans via online social media. In a report carried out by on brands using Facebook, there are a few fashion brands getting a huge amount of likes on their pages. Converse is number 3, just behind Disney and Coca cola, with 30 million likes. Victoria’s Secret is 12th with 18 million and others in the top 30 are Adidas, Burberry, Zara and Levis.

Many brands initially believed social networking would weaken the relationship with consumers, but for most it has turned into a genuine interaction between brand and client. These brands use social media as a contemporary platform to connect with younger demographics.

Using Social Media

Fashion brands have taken the opportunity to utilize social media in several ways, the most prevalent being advertising. The other uses include reporting news, updates, announcements, events, promotions, and customer service. This allows outsiders an inside look to what goes on. For example, organisations can use Facebook to promote events and give full news stories. They can use Twitter for shorter updates and announcements. Both social media sites have the ability to promote the brand. The company decides which sites to use and controls how these sites display their image.

Avoiding the use of social media platforms has been seen as detrimental to a brand’s success. Companies’ awareness of society’s dependence on technology drives them to delve into social media. In order to maintain their customer base, brands must be fully immersed in these technological trends. Social media has enabled consumers to feel more “connected” to companies. It has also proven to give more exposure to individual brands.

As social media grows and evolves, the fashion industry will evolve with it, taking advantage of the millions of fashion conscious people out there to engage with and further the visibility of their brand.


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