TNS Research Report: Understanding the opportunity for growth online


A recent research report from TNS claims to be the largest global study into people’s attitudes and behaviours online by polling more than 72,000 internet users globally about their ‘Digital Life’. There’s been some sensationalist reporting about the findings, which have taken a one sided opinion on the facts, however, there’s some useful insights buried within the report too to be reminded of. Like:

  • Brands need to reconsider who their audience is and how to go about building a relationship with them, on the equitable terms that consumers now demand.
  • The power of social media in this context is dependent not only on listening properly but also on responding appropriately.
  • Connecting with a brand online creates a potential direct channel for that brand to communicate with consumers.
  • However, it remains important to ensure that these messages are targeted and appropriate, to avoid both alienating consumers and adding to the cacophony of noise.

I particularly liked their party analogy, I’m a sucker for a good analogy. It helps frame the story in a digestible format. Common sense stuff below, but you’d be surprised how little it is adhered to.

  • We are motivated by our innate desire to socialise. This also offers opportunities for brands to ‘join the party’ – but we need to be thinking more carefully and specifically about what the brands wear to the party, what time they arrive, whom they speak with when there – and when they leave!


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