Tuesday is Most Popular Day for Automotive Social Media


Sunday is the busiest day for social media platforms overall, but automotive topics gain a boost on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to new analysis from Socialbakers. 

Data from the social media and digital analytics company shows that with the automotive space, the greatest triggers of consumer interaction are posts containing visual content, such as album updates and videos.

Jan Rezab, Socialbakers chief executive, said: “To maximise fan engagement, brands need to tailor social media updates according to their audiences browsing habits. While they must maintain engagement throughout the week, they should consider posting their most compelling content at times of peak engagement to ensure the greatest online brand buzz.”

Other results show that the responsiveness of businesses to fan posts on Facebook is on the up, with response rates up 15.5% since October last year, when just 5% of posts elicited a response from a business. Socialbaker believes this step change indicates that companies are “finally learning the importance of interacting with their fan base”.

Social media allows automotive brands to engage with their dealer networks by utilising online communities to enable a two-way dialogue with consumers. Because the internet now plays such an important part in decision making processes, car dealerships must establish and maintain a social presence to ensure they are communicating with their customers who will be discussing their products and services online. Given a successful, well thought out social media strategy, automotive dealers can harness the voice of the consumer to gain key insight into their dealership.

Socialbakers, measures engagement rate by week and hourly user activity to provide real time data on social media interactions online.


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