Your USP: The Key To Unlocking Your Potential On Social Media

Your USP: The Key To Unlocking Your Potential On Social Media

There was a long time within which businesses were slow to warm up to the prospect of using social media platform to enhance their marketing strategies. The nascent trend was too unproven, too unpredictable and too niche. Nobody was sure that it would last. Fast forward a little over a decade and you’d do well to find an SME that doesn’t make some sort of use of social media to cultivate a following, help to convert leads into sales or function as a mouthpiece for the business, giving it a sense of voice and personality. But while most businesses have a social media presence, this does not necessarily mean that they are using it optimally. Social media campaigns are just like any other form of marketing. They’re only as effective as their execution.

If your social media campaign is to stand out against those of your competitors, it’s vital that your Unique Selling Point be front and center throughout. All business start out with a clear and unshakeable idea of what their USP is and how it will benefit their customers while setting them apart from their competitors. But as businesses operate, develop and grow, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to lose sight of their USP and even for it to change slightly from what it was when they first went into business. That’s absolutely fine, but it behoves you to get back in touch with what makes your business special…

Rediscovering your USP

It’s entirely possible that you need to rediscover your USP or at least re-frame it to broaden its appeal on social media platforms. Remember that this is the public’s domain and they need to see a direct benefit from engaging with you, whether it’s by following you, liking your posts or pursuing more information. How will you benefit them in ways that your competitors won’t? In order to make this truly effective, you need to understand what motivates consumer behavior, especially on social media…


Consumers want to feel that they are safe and secure on social media and this spills over into their consumer behavior on social platforms. They want to be able to trust in you. How will you earn that trust? Informing them that you use the best equipment like state of the art Oil Water Separator technologies to ensure that your operation is environmentally responsible? Sharing your track record of happy customer testimonials? Or reassuring them that your data protection software is state of the art so they can shop with confidence?


Like any social activity, people turn to social media because it gives them a sense of belonging. How will you offer this to your customers? Will you give them exclusive discounts that are only available to followers? Will you invite them to a VIP club for repeat buyers?


Many people on social media are chasing esteem. They desperately need to feel liked and valued. You can offer them this by interacting with them and responding in a timely manner to each and every comment but how else could your USP give them a sense of esteem that your customers can fail to match?

When you’re able to answer all of these questions your USP wil re-tool your social media presence into a powerhouse.


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