Why Video Marketing is So Important

Why Video Marketing is So Important
Why Video Marketing is So Important

Creating a varied content marketing plan is absolutely vital to the success of your campaign. You should use writing such as blogs to bring people in and give them lots of information; you should use your social media to spread the word about your latest campaign; but are you using video to make the most of your efforts?

By 2019 – just next year! – global consumer internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. And yet, there are still so many businesses who aren’t using video to their full advantage.

Though marketers have been talking about using video for a long time, it seems that most business owners still don’t quite understand what the advantages are. Digital marketing is so much more than social media.

Show Off Your Features

One of the main reasons that video is so good is that you can show a lot of different things without having to describe everything. A great example is showing off a house. You could write about a house but you would end up going into the thousands of words before you’ve even reached the kitchen. Instead, using a video will give your audience the chance to see exactly what the house has to offer, rather than relying on their imagination and a few pictures.

A Top Realtor for Perfect Vacation Home might also use a drone to capture footage of a house to show different perspectives. This is important in this field as people want to know exactly how far away the beach is and will struggle to visualize a given distance. The more you have to show off, the better a video will be as you can focus in on specific features as well as more general views.

Lots of Information Fast

Of course, the real reason that showing off your features is so effective on video is that you can cram a heck of a lot of information into a video. Not only can you show people what your product is or does, but you can also add in a commentary, highlight the keywords you want people to remember and even use a brand ambassador to present the video to give it immediate credibility.

However, you need to think about your video content carefully as you will need to get a lot in before a YouTube viewer (for example) can choose to skip. This means that marketers must be ruthless with what they are prepared to cut and be punchier about the message coming across. Which brings us to the final point:

Capture Your Audience’s Attention

You don’t have any time to dance around the point. As an advertiser you need to get in their and grab the viewer’s attention before they scroll past. Facebook may generate 8 billion video views per day but you still need to make sure that your video makes it through the noise.

Doing something different will help you to stand out from the crowd and there are all kinds of different methods for this. Bright colors, interesting movements and music all play a part in good video marketing. And they are all things you can’t get into your average picture.


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