How To Win Back Your Lost Customers

How To Win Back Your Lost Customers
How To Win Back Your Lost Customers

For a while, everything is going well. You started up your business, you put into place a range of marketing strategies, and you garnered yourself a few customers to help your business grow. When sales are up everything is fine. Your customers are happy and you’re happy, it’s as simple as that. Everything is right in the world. But then something goes awry. You start to experience a downturn, and you realise that even your most faithful customers are disappearing from sight. Suddenly, you are forced into a rethink. Just where did everything go wrong, and how can you win back the customers you lost? We may have the answer.

1. Consider any mistakes you may have made

If you have lost your valued customers, something must have gone wrong down the line somewhere. Perhaps you took them for granted, and your rivals have done something to win them over. Perhaps you did something that made them lose faith in you. Or you may have done nothing overtly wrong  – customers are fickle people – although you perhaps should have upped your attempts to keep them on your side. Whatever the reason, consider the mistakes you have made, and resolve to better your business from this point on.

2. Get back in touch with your customers

Assuming you have their contact info on file, you should get back in touch with them in an attempt to win them back over to your side. While you shouldn’t pester them, the occasional gentle reminder that you still exist is necessary. Using the attractively templated email newsletters from Postman, let your customers know what your business is currently offering, perhaps with a special offer to entice them back to you. Alternatively, do the same thing on social media, getting in touch with your previous customers on whichever social platform is relevant to them. Send out surveys too, giving you a chance to gather any feedback that may indicate the reasons why your customers left you in the first place.

3. Up your marketing game

You shouldn’t rely on your last marketing strategy to keep your customers. To keep them on your side, and to remind them that you have more to offer, continue marketing to renew their trust in your brand. You may need to refresh your image to help you stay current with your chosen demographic.  Give your website an overhaul, so your customers always have something new and interesting to read. Get your customer involved in marketing for you, improving your relationship with them by offering them incentives to spread word about what you have to offer. And, as we said earlier, continue with your email and social media communications to stay in touch with them. So long as you keep your customers interested in your business, you are less likely to have them slip from your grasp.


Once you have won back lost customers, and to keep them on your side, do all you can to engage them with your business. You don’t want them to slip away again, so continue marketing, find ways to reward their custom, and ensure you stay on their good side to keep their valued custom for longer. Remember, you need them as much as they (might) need you.



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