More Than Words: 5 Ways To Spice Up Social Media Posts With Visuals

More Than Words: 5 Ways To Spice Up Social Media Posts With Visuals

Want to make your Facebook statuses and Tweets more engaging. Visuals can help to achieve twice as many reactions by making your social media posts stand out amongst others. Here are just five ways to use visuals in your social media posts.


An image can tell a thousand words. Whether it’s an image of one your products or a location you’ve visited or a picture of you with someone notable, you’re certain to grab people’s attention. Make sure that any photos you use are good quality – you want a good resolution so that they don’t distort. Make sure that you’ve also got permission to use the

image – if it contains another person or was taken by a photographer, you could get sued if you post it without asking for consent. It’s possible to hire a professional photographer and models to help create photos that you know are legal.


Video content can also help to make your posts more engaging. These could be videos recorded yourself with a camera or professional video advertisements. You can find information on such professional companies at sites such as Make sure to also try out Facebook’s live feature – this could allow you to broadcast footage from an event such as a trade show or conference or simply broadcast an important live update.

Graphs and charts

You can also use infographics to help spice up your posts. When trying to present data, a graph or chart could help to give this information more clarity. This could be customer research or data of your company achievements or simply facts related to your field of work. There are sites such as that can allow you to build these charts. You can also make use of Facebooks and Twitter’s poll feature, which can be a great way of making posts interactive and generating discussion.


Memes aren’t just for sharing with your friends – many companies are also realising that memes can be used in a professional setting to help get on client’s levels, bringing a bit of humour and getting people more engaged. There are certain rules for memes in marketing – try to avoid them when discussing sincere topics and don’t overuse them to the point that no-one takes your company seriously. Classic memes generally consist of photos with text over the top – there are tools for helping you to create memes as found here if you have a creative idea for one. You can also share memes that other companies have posted.


You can also spice up your posts with emojis. These can help to add humour and extra meaning, making your posts all the more engaging. You can access emojis using your smartphone’s keyboard. Make sure that the emoji you’re using makes situational sense and avoiding using them when discussing serious topics. It’s worth also limiting your emojis to no more than four per post – any more than this and people will start to get emoji overload.


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