World’s Leading CISOs and Cyber Security Professionals Meet in London For Debates

World’s Leading CISOs and Cyber Security Professionals Meet in London For Debates

The fourth annual IT Security Analyst & CISO Forum Debates will take place this year in London on the 2nd  May at No 4 Hamilton Place from 2pm – 6pm.  This unique event consists of four panel debate sessions made up of some of the UK’s top CISOs from HSBC, GSK, Canon, Publicis Groupe and other global IT Security Association Leaders.

The panels will provide attendees with insight from cyber security leaders on: crisis communication in the event of a data breach, military tips for enterprise security, what good security looks like and ways to tackle the cyber security skills gap.

The IT Analyst and CISO Forum Debates, in partnership with ISACA London Chapter, is a well-established and invaluable event that will give registered attendees insight on some of the hottest boardroom topics.

Professionals interested in the event can register here and be eligible for 3 CPE credits towards SSCP®/CISSP® and ISACA certifications.

The CISO debates are time well spent. We tackle a broad range of security issues,” said Steve Williamson, Director, Risk & ITCP Mgmt, GlaxoSmithKline. “The debate is rich and stimulating as it is fed by many years of collective experience across different industries. I also value the opportunity to network with peers and analysts from different companies.”

Peter Wood, Director Emeritus, First Base Technologies added: “I’ve been privileged to attend and speak at the IT Security and CISO Forum debates for several years. Each event has delivered great speakers providing superb insight and innovative ideas, as well as the opportunity to meet with some of the industry’s leading professionals.”.

Sue Milton, Managing Director, SSM Governance Associates, agreed: “The ‘one-stop/one-size fits all security solution shop’ is a long-way off but insights on what makes solutions more effective can be found at the CISO event, giving professionals direct access to expertise through discussion and debate.  Whether a panel or audience member, together we bring the ideal solution that bit closer.”

Here is the full timetable of the event:

2:00 – 2:45pm: What is “good security” anyway? CISOs top tips on what makes a company secure

In this panel, CISOs from all walks of industry will share their best practice and advice. From training, technology and techniques, these CISOs will have an open and frank discussion about what “good security” looks like in a modern enterprise.

Moderator: Sarb Sembhi, CTO, CISO & DPO, Virtually Informed

Panellists: Shan Lee, ‎Information Security Officer, TransferWise; Sandip Patel, Director, Information Security Consultancy, GSK; Quentyn Taylor, Director of Information Security, Canon Europe

2:50pm – 3:35pm: Crisis Communications in a post-GDPR world

With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the horizon, what does the board need to make sure they are communicating to employees, customers and stakeholders should the worst happen and a data breach occurs? This discussion will offer best practice advice, what to steer clear of and when to notify when dealing with a data breach event.

Moderators: Lee Munson, security researcher,

Panellists: Neil Stinchcombe, Director, Eskenzi PR; Sue Milton, Managing Director, SSM Governance Associates; Mark Deem, Partner, Cooley UK

4:00pm – 4:45pm: What can the Military teach us when it comes to protecting the Enterprise?

This panel will bring together Military professionals to discuss what lessons companies can learn from taking a leaf out of their playbooks.

Moderator: Peter Wood, CEO, First Base Technologies LLP

Panellists: Gerry O’Neill, Director, Inforisca; James Hadley, Founder/CEO, Immersive Labs; Jennifer Dean, Chair of Law at the British Computer Society; Natan Bandler, CEO, Cy-OT

4:50pm – 5:30pm: What are those in the know doing to close the skills gap?

The skills gap has been a major problem plaguing the security industry and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Now it’s time for action – hear how some of the industry’s best practitioners and professionals are taking a stand and combating the problem head-on.

Moderator: Stephen Khan, Head of Information, HSBC

Panellists: Quentyn Taylor, Director of Information Security, Canon Europe; Steve Williamson, Audit Account Director, Information Security and Data Privacy, GSK; Thomas Langford, Chief Information Security Officer, Publicis Groupe; Matt Parsons, head of Cyber Skills policy team in DCMS; Peter Wood, CEO, First Base Technologies LLP, James Hadley, Founder/CEO.



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